If you are going to fit a specific number of books in your backpack, you should have the sense to choose the suitable capacity of backpacks.

Choosing the backpack’s correct size will help you fit the required number of books in it. The suitable volume will help you get rid of carrying the extra books in your hands. The wrong size of the backpack will disturb you physically and mentally. To fit the books in a backpack, you have to choose the suitable capacity of the backpack.

Usually, backpacks are used to store things while you are going outside. You can also keep books in it. Your school backpack is a vital link between your school and at home. You have to carry all the accessories in it which you may need in school while studying. There are different types of backpacks based on the capacity of storing several books.

The capacity of backpacks

The capacity of the backpack is its ability to take in the required number of books. It is considered while you choose your backpack according to the books you have to fit in.

The size and capacity of a backpack are measured in two ways.

The first way is to measure the capacity of the backpack is to measure it in volume. It tells how many books it can take in. The work is usually measured in liters and cubic inches.

The second method is to find the capacity by measuring the various dimensions of your backpack. You can find its ability by taking its length, width, or depth.

Primarily, the capacity of a backpack is measured in liters. 6 to 60 liters are known capacity of the various backpacks.

There are three kinds of the backpack:-

Standard size

The standard size is the one which is most suitable for people. The standard-sized backpacks are mainly used to fit all the books you will require in the school.

Usually, backpacks are 19″ in length and 14″ in width. It is the standard size backpack that can accommodate about eight books or notebooks.

In volume, the capacity of your backpack is 22 to 31 liters. It can accommodate 7 to 8 books easily. Many backpacks have additional spaces as pockets that are used to store the writing tools.

Small backpacks:

If you have fewer books, you can buy small backpacks with a capacity of about 15 to 20 liters, and readers can fit about 5 to 6 books in them. You can use these backpacks whenever you want to take fewer books with you. The small backpacks are used to take in only a few books you want to take with you.

Large backpacks:

The large backpacks will have greater capacity than the normal. The ability of these backpacks is about 30 to 40 liters. These backpacks can accommodate 12 to 13 books.

Various sizes can fit in several books according to their capacities.

The standard sizes are given below with the number of books they can fit in:-

6 to 10 liters:

It is the smallest capacity of backpack used by the little kids. You can fit up to 4 to 5 books in them easily. These backpacks are called short or mini backpacks and do not fit many books in them. These backpacks are approximately 15″ tall on average.

20 liters:

In a backpack of such capacity, you can fit 5 to 6 books easily. They are suitable for you to be used in your daily routine. They can take in other accessories very quickly.

I have a separate guide on how big is a 20 liter backpack that will give you in depth knowledge about it:-

30 liters:

The 30 liters capacity is about 2 inches in length and 9 inches in width.

This capacity is usually present in regular backpacks. They can fit up to 7 to 8 books in them very quickly. They can also accommodate your gym clothes and other notes. Thirty-five liters backpacks are enough to carry ten books in them.

I have another in depth guide about how big is a 30 Liter backpack as follows:-

40 liters:

If you have the bulk of books, this kind of backpack is suitable for you. It has a large capacity to fit several books. This size is ideal for most people. If you want to hold 12 to 14 books in your backpack, this size is right for you. These backpacks contain extra compartments also for laptops and other accessories.

50 liters:

The big enough size of a backpack which is used to fit about 15 books in them. This backpack is suitable for those people who want to arrange a bulk of books in one backpack. They have a large number of compartments to fit the books quickly. But this size of backpack is not ideal for school-going children. You can hold 15 to 16 heavy books and use them to save the extra bulky books.

60 liters:

The 60 liters backpack is big enough to accommodate a large number of books. They have the size of 60x30x35 in dimensions. These are usually used for traveling, but you can also put books in them. It is the largest suitable capacity. Almost 20 books can be fit in this kind of bag. You can fit the heavier books like guide books in them also. Other than 20 books, there will be enough space to put notes or a notebook in it. This capacity to fit the books will allow you to carry a significant number of books for transport. These backpacks are not for school, but you can save enough books in them.


There are many kinds of students. Some know how to arrange things, but most students are careless about it. There is a proper way to keep your books organized in the backpack. Otherwise, the backpack will become the rubbish of crumpled balls of pages and folders. If you get the right-sized backpack and have no knowledge to fit the books correctly, it would not work. So after choosing the backpack of required capacity, learn to hold the books in a manner-able way.