I bought a new kanken backpack today but forgot to check if it will fit my Macbook or not. I was curious but! Yeah, no doubt it is pretty big to provide my Macbook. So, just like this, it depends on the size of both the Backpack and the MacBook.Mostly both have a good combination and fit together.

If you ask it generally? The entire Kanken Backpack is made of Vinylon and can fit upto a 15-inch laptop; the maximum size of the pack is 36*26*3 cm.

Most people ask me the unique quality of a kanken backpack and why everyone brags about it?

Are you also confused about what a Kanken Backpack is? And why is it different?

Let’s dig deep.

A Kanken backpack is not any regular backpack like the latest ones, but it is an old traditional backpack that the Swedish people used for their school children to carry their heavy loads. The main motive of a kanken backpack is to make the heavy load on the backlight.

Nowadays, backaches for young children are common, and Hanken’s were designed to balance weight. With this amazing feature, kanken shares beautiful colors and designs that attract the eyes effectively.

Do you know what is special in the kenkan bag? With its versatility, it is the most lightweight and versatile Backpack. It is a U-shaped one compartment backpack, which is not too big and not too small. It’s the best suitable Backpack to explore new cities, basically a traveling backpack.

And you know what Kanken Backpacks never go out of style; it’s been 43 years on-trend due to its design, comfort and durability. People have worn these for years.

The 10 things you should know about the Iconic Kanken Backpack.

Its Popularity

200 Kanken backpacks are sold every hour worldwide! The bags have got so much love that they have become a regular buyer. Its style, design, colors and durability make people crazy about it. Now, kanken backpacks are an old tradition and will continue being that.

Comfortable Back Support

Oh! That backache hurts. Right?

This is the best suitable Backpack if your back hurts.

Nowadays, back issues are the most common problem even in young people. And there are fewer bags that can solve this, in which a Kanken backpack can evenly distribute the weight on your shoulders and make the pack comparatively less weight.

In Sweden, Kanken backpacks are more preferred for school kids.

Water Resistant Capability

Kanken backpacks are made of synthetic fabric that behaves like natural fiber and smells as it becomes damp.

Kanken backpacks are amazingly water-resistant. As the Backpack swells, the gaps between the woven fiber close more, and thus it becomes more water-resistant to water penetration. This means there is no need to be maintained, and this property makes the backpack life last long.

Super Lightweight

These packs are made from Vinylon F, making the Kanken backpack lightweight. This gives you the advantage to fill your Backpack as much as you want. Over time, the pack becomes more durable and soft not to hurt.

Have Extra-long Zippers

Like the suitcase provide comfort with the long chains to open the bag fully, kanken backpacks also provide long chains so that you can fit all your stuff comfortably.

An Environment-Friendly Backpack

Some of the brands that make kanken packs are involved in projects that protect the environment. And the bags are made from recycled materials.


Be aware of the fake kanken; it’s all out in the market. The real kanken material is soft like a standard bag and does not get the satellite creases on the front pocket. And the fake bags are not water-resistant.

Extra Space

Unlike other bags which are narrow at the top and don’t fit big stuff, kanken can do so. It has a rectangular shape trademark that shows it can easily check A4 size books, laptops, and folders.

Made of Vinyl F Material

Most kanken brands make the bag from vinylon F material. In North Korea, this material is used for making clothes and shoes. But it suits a bag pretty well.

Adorable design

You know the phrase, old is gold! Right? Kanken backpacks have an amazing design from the start and continue to compete with other bags. It never gets old-fashioned.

As your question says, will it fit a Macbook?


Yes! A classic kanken backpack can fit a 15-inch Macbook Pro. But it doesn’t provide the safety of the Macbook because it doesn’t have any padding. So, be careful and put your Macbook inside if you can travel safely.

3 Best Kanken Backpack that can safely fit a Macbook!

Fjallraven, Re-Kanken Recycled and Recyclable Kanken Backpack for Everyday Use

This Kanken backpack has the most popular among all bags, and customers prefer this the most. It has everything a bag lover wants.

Main features: –

  1. Roomy Backpack: -The Fjallraven Backpack has 16-liter storage in which you can fit all your things from small to large.

Its dimensions are 14.9*10.6*5.1 inches and weigh 0.9 pounds.

  1. Multi-functional: -The pack has a two-way zipper with a rain flap for protection. It has an embroidered logo that looks quite cool. And has comfortable shoulder straps that make the heavy load light.
  2. Recyclable: -This pack is entirely made of polyester and recycled from 11 plastic bottles. It’s an eco-friendly backpack, and the company also promotes the protection of the environment.

Fjallraven, Kanken Mini Classic backpack for Everyday

This Backpack is a very good-looking pack with a variety of colors. It’s quite small and can fit a small Macbook, but the bag is super comfortable and durable.

Main features: –

  1. 100% Polyvinyl Alcohol Backpack: -This material makes the Backpack last longer and protects from wear and tear. The material is dirt-resistant, water-resistant and wipes clean.
  2. Super comfortable Backpack: -The shoulder straps are super comfortable and convenient and provide proper comfort.
  3. Functional Backpack: -The pack has two-way zippers with a rain flap for protection. It has long adjustable shoulder straps with dual top snap handles.

Fjallraven Kanken Backpack

This pack gives a classy look; it is a sturdy backpack that can prevent the pack from wear and tear. The material from which this bag is made in the USA is imported and stated to be the perfect Backpack.

Main features: –

  1. The Iconic Backpack: -This Backpack had the same iconic style in 1978. It has one big compartment, one small front pocket and two side pockets.
  2. Durability: -It is a 100% Vinyl material that is the best material of all. The material is strong enough to hold heavy stuff, and there is no fear of tearing the bag.
  3. Functional Backpack: -The pack has a two-way zipper with a rain flap for protection. It has ergonomic shoulder straps for the long haul, and dual top snap handles for carrying. It has a storage of 16 liters.


In this blog, I have mentioned the 3 best Kanken backpacks that can fit a Macbook. Overall, these were the best packs you can ever search for, and I definitely cannot choose one because they all are amazing in their way.

You have to make a choice!

About the Kanken backpack, what can I say? They are the best type of backpacks among all categories. From their style, look, design, durability and whatnot.

Everything is just perfect.