Are you thinking of buying a 20-liter backpack?? But a little confused about whether it will worth it for you or not. So, continue reading the article. You will find the solution, and you will never be searching it for again.

This article will help you explain how big a 20L backpack is and what accessories it can hold, and it will be worth it for you.

How big is a 20L backpack in cubic inches?

Calculation of liter to cubic inches will help us to consider the backpack straightforwardly; it is because calculating it in liter will make it a little complex as liter is always believed in the case of liquid, as water is measured in liter.

So, 1 liter is 61.0237 cubic inches. Similarly, 20 liter is 1220.47 cubic inches.

So, we can conclude with our calculation that in a 20-liter backpack, we have sufficient space.

What a 20L backpack can hold?

What a 20L backpack can hold

As we just now calculated that 20-liter backpack has sufficient space, so according to it, I have enlisted some of the things that a 20L backpack can hold: –

1. One medium-sized water bottle

2. One 14- or 15-inches laptop

3. 4 to 5 medium-sized notebooks

4. 2 shirts or 2 t-shirts

5. One big Headphone

6. Some small accessories of laptops

These are the general things a person can handle with him when he carries a 20L backpack.

It doesn’t mean that you cannot carry other things; you can use the stuff with similar volume and dimensions to the above list, for example: – you can have 2 shirts instead of 2 t-shirts, 2 big notebooks instead of 4 medium-sized notebooks.

Is buying a 20L backpack will worth it for you??

So, the main thing comes here is buying a 20L backpack will worth it? We’ll discuss this factor here by taking the example of individuals who are doing different work.

1.  Will it worth it for a schoolboy or college student: – So a schoolboy needed books and, in some cases, required a laptop to carry in a backpack. So, it will be worth it for a schoolboy to buy a 20L backpack.

2.  Will it worth hiking: – It depends on how long the hiking period is how many things you will be needed, and the volume of that particular thing you will carry.

If you are going for short hiking: – It will be worth buying a 20-liter backpack for fast hiking as it will be of only 2-3 days and you will be needed only some of the items to carry with you.

If you are going for 4 to 5 days: – It will be too worth buying a 20-liter backpack as I have already mentioned that it has sufficient space, but necessary things should be taken.

If you are going for more than a week: – It will not worth it for you to buy a 20-liter backpack because more than a week is a very long period, and it will not be sufficient to carry that much of the material that you need.

3.  Will it worth a regular job: – It will be worth a typical job because, for a stable job, a laptop and a few other kinds of stuff are needed that can easily be carried under a 20-liter backpack. 

4.  Will it worth for a regular outing: – It also depends on the duration of your tour and what you carry; if you want to have a large number of things, then you should not go with a 20L backpack, and if you’re going to take necessary items then it will worth your buying. 

5.  Will it worth it for only laptop purposes: – It will worth a laptop of a maximum 15 inches size with its accessories that are a charger, a separate mouse, headphones, etc. 

6. Will it worth carrying heavy tools: -It depends on the backpack’s material, so remember to check the pack’s fabric before buying it if you will use it for carrying heavy tools.

7. Will it worth it for the fundamental purposes: – As in case of a daily basis, things, as you carry, is books, laptop and some type of accessories, then it will be worth buying a 20L backpack.

As you would have some other conditions in which you want to know whether it will be worth your buying, you can easily match the above requirements and find a proper solution.

Conclusion: –

Selecting the best backpack for you is not going to be easy if you are buying it for your first time, but if you have bought it before, so it will make a better idea for you to select the best one as you have been facing some of the issues with your earlier backpack.

But if you are buying it for your first time, remember to consider that it was well worth it for you or not.

To explain the whole scenario of how big is a 20L backpack, I have given you the examples of individual who are doing different work and will it worth for them to buy a 20L backpack or not.