As you search for the best backpack for you, and are now stuck with confusion about how big your backpack should carry all your stuff. So, here we are to provide you information regarding how big is a 30-liter backpack? And what amount of things it can hold.

The one factor we always keep in mind while purchasing a backpack is its capacity because we are concerned about all the things we have to keep. Whether you are buying it for men, women, or kids, capacity is a key feature.

Yes, capacity is a little different from the size, and it’s measured in liters, do not confuse it with measuring liquid because it is different from that. We can check the size in the product description section, but these dimensions hardly tell the parameters, such as length, height, and backpack width. As capacity depends on size, it’s still hard to determine how much exactly you can fit into a backpack.

It also depends on the backpack’s design as to how much stuff you can fit inside because two backpacks with the same height and width can have different capacities. Due to the various compartments, it is very easy to pack more stuff in less space. Also, with more organized compartments, you can pack the stuff with more comfort.

Backpacks come in many shapes and sizes, and pictures are not always the truth. So, it would be best if you learned how to measure the capacity of your backpack.

How to measure backpack capacity??

Knowing and understanding the size of your backpack is the key feature for purchasing!

The question to which everyone needs an answer. Most of the backpack manufacturers use the standard formula for calculating backpack capacity. Though, backpack sizes are measured in two ways: first, by measuring the backpack’s volume, which tells you how much it can hold. The volume of the bag is measured either using cubic inches or liters. Second, by measuring the backpack size through the specific dimensions of the bag (length, width, height, or depth), the truth is, these methods don’t work at all.

The best way we know about measuring the bag’s capacity is by measuring the dimensions of the individual compartments by using the patterns, and summing all of them together will probably give you the most precise capacity.

As this is a lot of hard work, so usually the manufacturers don’t do it. Most backpack designers and manufacturers rarely provide information and determine exactly how much each compartment can store and overall the capacity of the bag. The compartmentalization, hidden pockets, and side mesh pockets can significantly change the capacity of the backpack.

Also, it is hard to find out the capacity of the bag at home. But, you can get it right if you measure each compartment separately by using the formula.

How big is a 30-liter backpack? What stuff can it store?

Look inside the backpack in terms of both size and weight!

You can fit a lot of stuff inside a 30-liter backpack, some people had traveled for nine months with a 30-liter backpack each, but it depends on what all stuff you are carrying.

Usually, travelers prefer a 30-liter backpack while traveling because of its spacious compartments, as well as it can easily fit in the overhead compartments on the airplane.

The size

As you know, sizes in various brand backpacks vary due to their design and capacity; the measurement can vary for few inches. Though, the difference is not that big, so you can choose any brand you like.

Normally, a 30-liter backpack has dimensions, i.e., length or height of 18.5 inches to 21 inches and a width or breath of9.5 inches to 12 inches. And also, backpacks have depth, which is the length of the backpack from back to front, which is usually the shortest from the other dimensions, between four inches to seven inches.

Nevertheless, these dimensions do not remain constant and can vary from brand to brand. Anyway, you can go for a backpack with the dimensions mentioned above to choose a 30-liter backpack for yourself.

The weight

Just as though size and capacity are important, weight is also a factor you should consider. People usually ignore the weight comparisons, but you should always check the weights to purchase a perfect backpack for you.

There are few things you should keep in mind while checking the weight:-

  • Padding: Backpacks should have padding on the back and shoulder straps to remove stress, and some backpacks have padding on the hip belt straps.
  • Material:- Material sizes also vary so, it can also change the size of the backpack.
  • Hardware:- The buckles can also change the size of the backpack.

The weight of a 30-liter backpack should be around four to six pounds. Some who do not have padding are made up of very light polyester or nylon fabric, which makes the bag’s weight very light, and the backpack may even weigh around three pounds like a rucksack.

What all stuff a 30-liter backpack can hold?

What stuffs a 30 liter backpack can hold?

Now, this is the question you all need an answer for, and it will help you understand what stuff you can keep inside your 30-liter backpack and how much stuff you can put in.

Everyone’s packing style is different, like some people pack extra stuff to be on the safe side and some pack gears like cameras, tents, sleeping bag and DSLRs and some people like to travel in less stuff.

Packing a backpack also depends on where you are going. For example, if you are planning a trip to a cold place you will need a lot of winter wears and that will consume a lot of the bag’s space, just like if you are planning a summer beach holiday you will pack shirts and swimwear which will not take much space.

Here is the list that will seek your confusion regarding packing inside a 30-liter backpack!

  • Small toiletries bag
  • Some essential- razor, moisturizer, toothbrush, and mosquito spray
  • Six t-shirts
  • Three pairs of pants
  • One jacket
  • Four or five shirts
  • Two pair of shoes
  • Change of undies for a week
  • Few pair of socks
  • 15-inch laptop and a charger
  • An iPad pro or another tablet of the same size
  • Small notebook and a pen
  • Towel
  • Camera
  • Two water bottles
  • Mobile phone and headphone
  • Wallet
  • Id and passport

These are the rough list stuff that a 30-liter backpack can hold, but the actual list depends on you. According to the trip, you can add or subtract the stuff to put inside.

If you are taking a tent or a sleeping bag with you can attach it with the straps on the backpack; some hiking bags come with the attachment at the backpack’s top or bottom.

Also, you can use extra attachments like straps and clips for attaching your extra stuff.

Avoid packing extra stuff!


  • Extra gadgets
  • Hairdryer
  • Soap and shampoo (as you get in the hotels)
  • Travel iron
  • Multiple pair of shoes
  • Multiple clothing options

Buying a 30-liter backpack is worth it?

Carrying a 30-liter backpack is worth carrying because it will not be too big or small for the traveler. For a weekend trip, it is a perfect size and will fit all of your essentials.

  • It will be an easy transport
  • It will avoid baggage fees
  • Will downsize your luggage
  • Will prevent airlines from mishandling or losing your bag

Is a 30-liter backpack enough for school?

Not everyone can afford five different backpacks for five different purposes. So, for long school days with different subjects, a 21 to 30-liter backpack is suitable. 30 liter is the most common size for backpacks. These backpacks are spacious and organized with many compartments and small pockets, which will help them keep their books and stuff organized and provide them with ease to find the stuff. So, you never have to look for a pen or keys for a long time. You can also use it as a laptop backpack as laptop bags are usually 20 to 25 liters but having a spacious one is not a disadvantage. If you feel it is a little big then, there is a feature of compression or crinching straps on the sides by which you can reduce the size and capacity of the backpack.

Is a 30-liter bag big enough for hiking?

Definitely YES!

Carrying a heavy bag while hiking makes no sense. A 30-liter bag is perfect in which you can keep all the important stuff and have extra space for more stuff.

It’s perfect for a weekend trip.

What factors to consider while purchasing a 30-liter backpack:-

Only buying is not important, but buying the best backpack for yourself is the key. And if you are investing money in a backpack, then it should be worth it. Always go for a good quality one because it will last longer and not tear in your travel. Consider the usual things you should look for buying any backpack, as its quality and quantity. If you are a traveling person, then purchase a backpack with checking and comparing other backpacks to not disturb your journey by breaking down.

Get the best one!

Some things you should especially look for while buying a 30-liter backpack:-


Adjustable waist and hip belts will give relief and not hurt you and transfer the weight to your core. If you plan to carry a lot of stuff and for a longer duration, this adjustable strap will be perfect for you.

If you have a hiking plan, it will be best suitable for your shoulders and distribute the weight of the bag equally on both shoulders, by which if you have to carry the backpack for a longer duration, you will not feel much burden. And for hiking, people usually consider the most important thing to be the straps.

Straps will help you prevent back and shoulder problems.


Previously backpacks were made of cotton canvas treated with wax, which was waterproof, but it made the bag heavy when water is split. Nowadays, most bags are made of polyester and nylon, which are more light-weight.

Whatever the backpack material is made from, it is best to choose a metal zipper bag rather than a plastic zipper one, since plastic ones can break easily.


The design of a backpack is very important. If you like to organize your stuff properly, you should go for a bag with multiple compartments; if you like to keep your stuff in one place, you can go for fewer compartments.

If you want a backpack for school or college, a funky design will work; if you want it for work, a simple design will go, and if for traveling, a casual one will work.


Comfort should be your top priority while choosing any backpack. Select the backpack that can carry more weight but weigh less, and it should be waterproof and have adjustable straps.


Some backpacks usually not highly waterproof but, they come with a cover. Make sure to take a backpack with a cover rather than a non-water-resistant one to keep all your stuff safe.

30-liter backpacks are mostly used for hiking, so it should be water-resistant to keep all your stuff safe.


The padding should not be only on the straps but also because padding-less back may not be most comfortable and safe and can hurt your back and make you suffer from back problems. The padded shoulder straps will help you feel less weight on your shoulder because it dives the bag’s weight equally on both sides, which will not stress your shoulders.

The padding ensures the bags get ventilated adequately, and also it provides support and protection to your back.


Not a main feature, but for knowledge, travel bags come with internal frames in the bag that helps give shape and rigidity to the backpack. These frames are mostly made of carbon-fibers, which do not add weight to the backpack.

It would be best to go for a backpack with an internal frame, which will provide your backpack with more support and make it narrow. Backpacks with frames come more costly.

Front loading:-

Always go for a front-loading backpack because it does packing and carrying easy. Front-loading means the backpack opens from the front and not just from the top. Usually, top-loading in the bag come over 40 liters, and you can find the front loading one in 30 liters easily.


As we hope we have cleared all your doubts, and now you have a clear idea of how big is a 30-liter backpack.
A 30-liter backpack is most appropriate for short traveling, not more than two weeks. It is all about using the capacity efficiently, and you can also use it for long trips if you pack light and carry extra-small bags with you.
A 30-liter backpack is not too big and not too small, so you can use it as a regular backpack also, sparing you and saving your money from buying another one.
As mentioned above, do check the backpack features before purchasing and make your money worth spending by choosing the best backpack for you.