Trekking poles are also called hiking poles or sticks. These are the available hiking equipment, which helps the walker with their pace and offers them stability on the land’s rough area.

Trekking poles are useful for many things. They help in crossing the river and finding the depth of mud. Many people find them useful to offer support and balance the burden of the heavy backpack. If someone happens to fall while walking with snowshoes, they use these poles to balance themselves.

Many backpacks contain some points of attachment for carrying the trekking poles. The trekking poles should be attached to the backpack in the right ways. Many people make mistakes during trekking pole attachment and damage them.

The wrong ways on How to attach trekking pole to backpack; That You Must Avoid!

Some people follow the following steps and cannot attach the trekking poles to their backpack correctly. You must avoid them.

  1. Do not attach them separate from your backpack. There is more chance of losing them. Whether you are travelling by road or train, make sure the trekking pole is adequately attached to your backpack.
  2. Sometimes you just put your trekking pole in the upper and bottom straps and fix them. The way is not correct. You have to put it in the bottom and twist it once tightly. Then take the upper straps and wind them around your pole.
  3. Use the top of the backpack for attaching the pole only when there is no option behind it. It usually causes imbalances.
  4. If you have side pockets in your backpack, do not let it free. Put the poles in them instead of using another method.
  5. If you adjust the poles improperly, it can cause soreness and ache in muscles and joints. So adjust the poles in a balanced way.

Suitable Methods on How to attach trekking pole to backpack:

To attach the trekking pole to the backpack, here are some methods mentioned below.

Having attachment points on the backpack:

How to attach trekking pole to backpack

Sometimes, you have the attachment points with your backpacks to close your trekking pole’s loop.

A few backpacks have attachments that open and close quickly and have a small hook to be completed. If your backpack is of this kind, you have to unhook the tie and place the trekking pole in it.

  • Place it in such a way that the handles point towards the top position of your backpack.
  • Now close the tie around the trekking pole.
  • Attach the part of the trekking pole to the lower loop of your backpack. It will help to avoid your trekking pole from falling.
  • Now press the pole towards the bottom of your backpack to ensure whether it sets in that loop or not.
  • Now take the strap of your backpack and tight it down across the pole. It will help you to hold the pole in place and will make your journey comfortable.
  • Now attach the other pole to your backpack in the same way, and it is perfect for you to keep your hands free during walking.

But many backpacks do not have the attachment points for hiking poles. There is an alternative way to attach the trekking pole.

Using side pocket to attach trekking pole to backpack

If your pack has no straps and the bottom loop to hold your trekking pole in place, and you have side pockets and firm straps in your backpack, it is right for you.

  • The thing you have to do is to push the trekking pole handle in the side pocket of your backpack
  • Tie-down the compression straps around your trekking pole
  • Fix them tightly.

Attach the poles with compression straps

If you have a backpack with no side pockets but have compression straps, this can also help attach the trekking pole to your backpack. These straps can be located anywhere on your pack. It is not necessary to have them on the sides of your backpack.

  • There may be some shots on your backpack that allow you to attach your compression straps at various backpack locations. So find those shots as well.
  • The method is also helpful if you have a trekking pole that cannot reduce to a suitable size. You have to fasten your poles to compression straps.
  • Lose the compression straps
  • Pass the trekking pole through these straps.
  • Now tie the straps around the poles.
  • This thing will keep your poles away from falling. This strategy only works when the trekking poles have a basket on them. Sometimes, trekking poles have no basket.

Using top of the backpack to attach trekking pole

If your backpack has no compression straps, side pockets, or any attachment point, there is another way to fix the poles in the backpack. The solution is to put the trekking poles on the top of your pack and tie them tightly in place.

Even if you have a more giant backpack, you can use this method.

  • Put the trekking poles on the top of the large compartments of your backpack.
  • Now close the top of your backpack and fix the poles on the place.
  • The method is only valid if you are going to hike in an open landscape. Otherwise, there will lay a little crossbar across your back.

If unluckily, your backpack lacks the top to tie down or no straps on the top. There is the only option left behind. You can attach the hiking pole to the actual body of your backpack.

  • Lay them in such a way that their handles point downwards.
  • Zip-out the backpack from the opposite side and close it.
  • The points of poles should stick out on top of the backpack.
  • Be careful while turning around as it may harm your buddy’s eye.


Hiking poles are very useful in helping you to walk smoothly on rough surfaces during hiking. In this article, simple guidelines are given to attach the trekking pole to your backpack. You should follow them to attach poles safely. These various ways of managing your hiking poles will offer you more ease in hiking without any worries and let your hands-free take pictures of the beautiful scenery of nature.