There are a variety of bags available, primarily either carried on your back or your waist. For maintaining a personal style, different bags are preferred for different occasions.

Initially, there are nine types of backpacks in which you have different backpacks for different purposes. Like there are different genres of movies and books, the same goes with backpacks. People like different backpacks for different purposes.

But the question arises how many types of backpacks are there?

Here is a detailed guide about the types of backpacks and what backpack to be used with some recommendations for your comfort.

Read the full guide, which will help you choose your favorite backpack.

Types of backpacks

There are different categories for backpacks: some are worn on the back, some on the waist, and some hung on the side(crossbody). These backpacks are different because of weight distribution support from your shoulders and waist when carrying a backpack or a waist bag; it helps to carry more stuff comfortably. Crossbody sling bags remain for personal style.

Here is the list, have a look and choose what’s suitable for you.


“Pack carried on one’s back.”

The backpack is mainly made of nylon and polyester supported on a lightweight metal frame strapped to the body. It is used to carry all your stuff depending on whether you’re going for a trip, school/work, etc.

Backpacks can fit more stuff than a day pack and are usually larger than waist bags and crossbody packs.

The term backpack was first used in the 1910s, but it’s been used since civilization.

Belt Bag

It’s a small pouch attached to the belt and is worn around the waist. Or it has its belt attached with a pouch. It has a leather pouch attached to it, often detachable, giving it a dual-use case.

Day Pack

These are relatively smaller than backpacks and are used for everyday purposes. They are lighter and compact than backpacks and can be used for daily packs, school, work, etc.

Drawstring Bag

Drawstring backpacks are also known as cinch bags, mostly used as a gym sack. It is easy and convenient to carry gears in drawstring bags. These bags are less structured than backpacks, and they can easily accommodate heavy stuff like speakers. Drawstring bags are usually made from casual hardwearing fabric like canvas and polyester that can be easily washed.

Waist bag

It is a belly bag, a small pouch worn like a belt around your waist by using a strap to tie above the hip to secure it with a buckle. These bags are fully adjustable; you can fit them according to your comfort. You can store small items inside it, and it comes in multiple materials.


It is a bag with shoulder straps which can be carried on the back, and it’s made from strong materials like canvas, and hikers mostly use it.

The term rucksack is often used interchangeably as a backpack. However, a rucksack often contains a flap along with pockets than a traditional backpack.

Satchel Backpack

A satchel backpack showcases an aesthetic look and characteristics. It is carried over your shoulders with a double-buckled top flap and front pocket. It is always made from leather.


The Word Randoseru is derived from Dutch, which is the most famous in Japan. It is a firm-sided backpack made of stitched firm leather. Small kids mostly use these for their school years. It features a hard shell shaped bag.


The knapsack is a type of backpack which is typically made from canvas and waterproof materials. The knapsack is an older word than a backpack, used in the mid-’20s. It also features a drawstring and flap around the bag’s opening.

These were typically the basic backpacks around you.

If we go into little details, every occasion has a different preference for a backpack. Like school backpacks, work bags, travel bags, they all are different from each other and in each case, different backpacks are used.

If you would like to know the difference between a backpack and knapsack, we have a comprehensive guide on it as follows:-

Knapsack vs Backpack What’s the difference?

Here is an in-depth guide about the preference for a backpack

School Purpose

Backpacks of 21 to 30 litres are most preferred by school going kids. The bags are perfect in size, fit all their stuff, and are also not big enough. Backpacks have multiple compartments to keep your stuff organized.

But there are many sizes and designs in backpacks according to the needs of the kids. Some go for small packs, some medium and some large sizes.

Some tips for choosing a perfect school pack: –

● If you cycle to your school, you should choose a ventilated backpack; it will keep your back cool.

● If you have to carry a lot inside your pack, buy a pack with padded shoulder straps, chest or hip straps that provide extra comfort.

● Have a backpack with multiple compartments that helps to organize stuff perfectly.

● If you carry a tablet or laptop to school, buy a backpack with a separate laptop sleeve to protect your laptop/tablet.

Best School Backpacks


Office Purpose Backpacks

Knapsack, satchel bags, backpacks and day packs can be used for work purposes.

If you want to carry a laptop with you, you can go in backpacks and knapsacks. But if you don’t carry any electronics and only carry daily everyday stuff, you can buy satchel bags or day packs. These packs are comfortable for keeping all your daily essentials.

Some tips for buying office backpacks:-

● A less weight backpack is more preferred by working professionals.

● A good looking backpack with multiple pockets, great and comfortable design is what your pack should have.

● Most men prefer satchel bags, while women go for side sling bags or mini Backpacks.

Best Office Purpose Backpacks


Travel Backpack

Travelling is something that everyone loves, and with your luggage, you always carry an extra backpack for your essentials. But it depends on how much stuff you have to carry for which pack to choose. If you have to carry more stuff, then go for a backpack; if you just need to carry small essentials, taking a waist bag, belt bag, side bag, or mini backpack is good.

Some tips for buying a travel backpack: –

● According to your needs and amount of stuff, buy the backpack.

● If you are going trekking, then have padded shoulder straps, waist straps, and chest straps will comfort you to the next level.

Best travel Backpacks



There are different types of backpacks, but it depends on what type of backpack you want according to the purpose and needs.

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