• Vintage Canvas Laptop Backpack

    backpack with a lot of pockets
    • Have a USB charging port
    • Innovative Design
    • Adjustable and added straps
  • KROSER Travel Laptop Backpack

    Backpack with a lot of pockets
    • Has a USB port
    • Multiple Compartments
    • Reflective strips and RFID pockets
  • Veckuson Laptop Backpack

    Veckuson backpack
    • RFID Pockets
    • Sturdy Handle
    • Durable metal zippers

Different compartment for every other stuff helps! Right? You don’t need to dig to find everything. Backpacks with lots of pockets make it easy to find and remember where each stuff is kept and saves time.

There are many backpacks with lots of pockets but here we are listing some amazing good quality backpacks that you will love traveling with.

Having multiple pockets can also be different for different purposes, like small multiple compartments are good for school kids whereas big multiple compartments are good for traveling purposes. So, I will provide you a proper in detail about each bag that can be used for different purposes.

Read the full article, this will help you select the best backpack for you and that will be worth your time.

Why choose bags with lots of storage? What is the need of a backpack with many compartments?

Do you get tired finding your stuff inside your pack?

Do you find it uneasy to keep all your stuff inside your pack?

Do you feel your backpack should be more organized?

If your answer is YES to all these questions, then you need a backpack with many compartments.

Here are some benefits to have a backpack with lots of pockets:-

  1. You can find things easily: –

The best reason to have multiple pockets is to make a good organization of stuff. If you have a different section for each stuff, it will be easy to find things and will not waste your time digging pen, pencil, keys etc. and make it all a mess. The more compartments and pockets your bag have the more your bag will be organized and you will know where everything is placed.

  1. You can hide your personal stuff: –

There are many varieties of backpacks that come with a secret pocket inside the main compartment or anywhere inside the bag. This helps to keep your private stuff like keys, money, passport etc. safe by hiding it. It will help you from theft.

  1. It reduces risk of damage of sensitive stuff: –

Choose between both, you will take a backpack that will have a single compartment and throw all your stuff inside it or a backpack with multiple compartments to organize your stuff and keep it safely. What will you choose? Definitely the bag with many compartments! Right?

Keeping sensitive stuff like watches, phones, laptops etc. can cause harm. Your keys can scratch your laptop or your phone screen. Having a backpack with multiple compartments is helpful.

While traveling, having a backpack with multiple pockets is a must. It will help you organize your stuff easily and will keep your shoes and clothes separate from being mixed up and making your clothes dirty.

  1. Good for every purpose: –

If you use your backpack for office ,school or traveling, having multiple pockets is mandatory to keep your stuff organized. A school kid will find multiple pockets helpful to spot their notebooks, laptop, pen and pencil easily and will not waste their time. Whereas an office person will have the same need and a traveling human will feel a lot helpful by keeping all their stuff organized.

Anyone who loves organization will always go with a backpack with multiple pockets.

Best Backpack With a Lots of Pockets and Compartments

Vintage Canvas Laptop Backpack

backpack with a lot of pockets


  • Weight:- 2.1 Pounds
  • Dimensions:- 13 * 17.3 * 4.7 inches
  • Material:- 99% Canvas and 1% Leather
  • Great Quality: –The backpack is made from canvas and leather which makes it strong and durable to carry more and heavy stuff.
  • Laptop perfect backpack: –Either you take the backpack for school, office, traveling or hiking and you carry your laptop with you, it is the best pack for you.
  • Backpack with a lot of storage: –It can fit a laptop upto 15.6 inch. It is an overall padded pack that will keep your laptop and other things safe.
  • Structure and package: –This pack gives a vintage look. It has one main compartment with a laptop sleeve, two Multi-function pockets, front zipper pockets, two front magnetic buckle pockets, additional hidden inside pockets and two side pockets where you can keep your water bottle and umbrella.
  • Innovative design: –This pack has an external micro USB with set-in charging cable which makes charging convenient while traveling. The backpack is designed in a unique way with leather zipper pulls, grab top handle, charging cable, adjustable padded straps, padded bottom,smooth zippers and it has plenty of small and big pockets to hold your accessories and maintain your organization.

This pack is extremely comfortable to fit all your stuff.

What you can fit inside the pack?

  • It has one big main compartment where you can keep your laptop, books and A-4 size files.
  • It has three zipper pockets to keep your essentials like stationery, cards, cash, phone, power bank etc.
  • One small flap pocket to keep small stuff like keys and passport.
  • You can use this bag a school/college back, for office purpose or for one day trips.


  • Craft from sturdy and durable canvas
  • External Micro-USB set-in charging cable
  • Padded straps and backpack


  • The color of the pack may look different due to the screen display

KROSER Travel Laptop Backpack


  • Weight:- 3.08 Pounds
  • Dimensions:- 18.6 * 13.5 * 10.8 inches
  • Material:- Water-repellent material
  • Multi-functional compartments: -It has multiple spacious compartments which can fit stuff like notebook, iPad, laptop, power bank, files, wallet, pens, cards, clothes and more such items. The backpack has RFID pockets with identity protection, this function protects all your personal important stuff like credit card, passport, Id’s etc. safe.
  • USB Port provided: -It has built-in USB charging port from where you can easily charge your phone while traveling. It charges your phone in a safe way, but doesn’t include a power bank.
  • Comfortable and durable: -The backpack is super comfortable with all padded straps and back panel which provide utmost comfort by relaxing your body even on a long hiking trip. It has a sturdy handle with a steel cable for carrying and has adjustable side compression straps which allows you to keep the backpack at whatever size you want. It’s big enough to fit your laptop and essential stuff and you can use this pack for every purpose, even for outside activities.
  • Multi-functional backpack with proper safety: -It has a well-knitted luggage strap, which is quite convenient to fix your laptop backpack on the trolley of your luggage making your journey comfortable and with ease. The front reflective safety in biking, running or while walking and the air-flow back padding system is designed in a unique way that provides comfort and convenience overall your journey.
  • Great quality material: -KROSER Travel Laptop Backpack is made of high-quality water-repellent fabric. These packs are sturdy and strong to protect your stuff without damaging anything in any condition.

What can you fit inside the pack?

  • It has a main compartment where you can keep your laptop, clothes and notebook.
  • It has one more, a bit smaller compartment to keep your traveling essentials or extra notebooks.
  • Two front zipper pockets to keep small dairy, stationery, phone, headphones, power bank and other stuff like this.
  • One accessory pocket with waterproof zippers where you can keep your passport, cards, wallet and your other essential stuff.

Important instruction: –

The USB port provided does not include a power bank, you can use your own power bank and connect USB charging cable and let your charging cable insert external USB port to connect your electronic device.


  • Sturdy Handles
  • RFID Pockets
  • Reflective Strips


  • It can be small for a 2-4 days trips

VECKUSON Laptop Backpack


  • Weight:- 3.59 Pounds
  • Dimensions:- 14.8 * 11.1 * 5.6 inches
  • Material:- Polyester Nylon Fabric
  • Durable and comfortable with all facilities: –The backpack has a It shaped ventilation design which helps for air convention. Its comforting features like adjustable and padded shoulder straps help in relieving stress from your shoulders, and adjustable chest straps to tighten the pack on your chest for good grip. And it has a luggage upright handling tube for easier carrying and a luggage strap which allows the backpack to fit on luggage/suitcase.
  • TSA Approved and RFID ANTI-THEFT Technology: –The pack unfolds extra large freely 90-180 degree making you a quick pass through the airport security by keeping the items tidy. It’s especially designed for airplane traveling and indoor/outdoor activities. It has an RFID pocket with RFID radio frequency identification which helps to keep your personal data encoded on your credit cards, ID’s and passport. And also have an anti-theft pocket where you can keep your phone, purse or passport.
  • Large Capacity and Comfortable Backpack: –This pack is amazingly large. You can pack your stuff for 3-4 days. It has many zipper pockets and compartments to keep your accessories in an organized manner. It has an external USB port with set-in charging cable that provides complete ease to charge your phone and other electronic devices while traveling. A hole for easy usage of headphones is on the outside, enjoying music while traveling.
  • Multi-purpose Backpack: –It can be used as a school backpack, travel backpack, laptop bag,gaming laptop backpack and sport backpack. It’s a all in one backpack, soo much cozy and comfortable.

What stuff can fit inside the bag?

  • The main compartment is separated for keeping all your stuff in a proper organized manner. You can keep your computer, iPad, power bank, phone, clothes, A-4 size files, shoes and your essential stuff.
  • Front zipper pockets are for quick-access items like cash, keys and other small stuff.
  • Side pockets for keeping bottles and umbrellas.


  • USB charging Port
  • Luggage Strap
  • Anti-theft pocket
  • Can fit an 18.4 inch laptop


  • Some customers complain about the stubborn of compartments

HIGH SIERRA Loop-Backpack

backpack with a lot of pockets


  • Weight:- 2.04 Pounds
  • Dimensions:- 19 * 13.5 * 8.5 inches
  • Material:- Polyester
  • Great quality pack: –The pack is made from 100% polyester which makes the pack sturdy and durable for all type use, it can handle the wear and tear in any conditions.
  • Comfortable backpack: –High Sierra backpacks are super comfycomfy. It has a suspension system that provides relief when carrying heavier loads, it does it by dampening the shock of weight transfer while transporting your gear. It has Yoke-style S- shaped mesh padded shoulder strap with a suspension system, primary padded back panel, adjustable side compression straps and bottom compression straps can be used for attaching extra gear.
  • Large, multi-compartment Design: –This pack has room for all your stuff. It has a tech spot tablet sleeve, mesh beverage pockets and a front attachment clip.The main compartment also has multiple pockets to properly organize your stuff.

What things can you carry inside the bag?

  • It has a big main compartment with lots of pockets that allows you to keep your gear secured and organized. It also has a laptop sleeve.
  • It has one more compartment to keep your clothes and books.
  • Three zipper pockets to keep easy to access, so that you don’t waste your time finding it.
  • Two side pockets to keep an umbrella and a water bottle.


  • Padded back panel and shoulder straps
  • Enough space for you to go on 3-5 days trip
  • Multiple pockets to organize stuffs easily


  • Pack is quite narrow and cannot be used for kids’ school purpose

MATEIN Travel Backpack

Matein Travel Backpack


  • Weight:- 1.58 Pounds
  • Dimensions:- 18 * 12 * 7.2 Pounds
  • Material:- Canvas
  • Super comfortable and sturdy backpack: –It has a comfortable airflow back panel with thick and soft multi-panel ventilated padding which gives you maximum back support and rests your shoulder and back on long traveling days. And the breathable and adjustable shoulder straps relieve the stress of your shoulders. If you want to carry the bag from the top then it has a padded top handle.
  • Lots of storage and multiple pockets: –It has a separate laptop compartment which can hold a laptop upto 15.6 inch and has a big main compartment to keep all your necessary stuff. Multiple zipper pockets in the front to organize all your easy to find stuff easily.
  • Has USB charging port feature: –This is a fun thing which allows you to charge your any electronic device so that you can enjoy music, movies, gaming or podcasts while traveling. Note that the backpack doesn’t power itself, the USB charging port only offers easy access to charge.
  • Durable material quality and sturdy backpack: –Matein packs are made of water-resistant and durable anti scratch fabric with metal zippers. It is an all time backpack.
  • Multi-purpose and safe backpack: –The luggage strap helps the backpack fit on luggage/suitcase, slide over the luggage upright handle tube for easier carrying. It has a hidden anti-theft pocket on the back to protect your valuable item from thieves. Best for international trips.

What stuff can fit inside?

  • Separate laptop compartment that can fit a 17 inch laptop.
  • In the main compartment you can put thin clothes, books, magazines, headphones and all the essentials.
  • Front compartment to keep phone, power bank, passport and all the easy access things.
  • There are side durable elasticized mesh pockets to keep water bottles and umbrellas.
  • Theft proof pocket at the back to protect your personal stuff.


  • Has a luggage strap
  • External USB strap
  • Anti-theft back pocket


  • There is no cushioning at the bottom to protect the laptop

SOSOON Laptop Backpack

Sosoon laptop backpack


  • Weight:- 1.45 Pounds
  • Dimensions:- 10 * 4.6 * 6 inches
  • Material:- Polyester
  • Has a USB port and Earphone hole: –It doesn’t come with its own power bank, you can use yours to set-in the charging cable of the backpack, then plug your phone’s charging cable into the external Micro-USB to charge your phone. Prepare your own power bank for this process. You can even use the hands-free headphone hole to enjoy the music.
  • Great material quality: –This laptop backpack is made from water-resistant and anti-scratch durable polyester material with double sided smooth zippers and heavy-duty high density nylon lining for lasting durability. It has a comfort airflow foam padded back design with soft, multi-panel breathable mesh padding that provides maximum back support. The unique decomposition design on the shoulder strap with massage mat helps relieve stress from your shoulders.
  • TSA Technology Backpack: –The laptop backpack can 180° unfold the laptop compartment while keeping your stuff organized in its proper place. This technology makes it much easier and  quicker to get through the checkpoint at the airport. Its sturdy luggage belt lets you pull the suitcase with one hand and its underseat carry-on luggage size is the best choice for airplane travel. It has a sturdy top handle carry-on and all two side compression straps keep the backpack at whatever size you want.
  • Multi-purpose backpack: –This pack can be used for every purpose, for outdoor activities and also for school and office purposes. Any trip you want to take, either by plane or road you can use this pack. Best for hiking, camping, overnight trips or one day trips.
  • Large compartment backpack:- This pack has the capacity of 45 literally, which is quite good to hold all your essential stuff with extra stuff for trips, college, office or any purpose. It has big compartments and multiple pockets to organize your stuff in a perfect manner.

What stuff can you put inside the pack?

  • One compartment has a separate laptop sleeve to protect the laptop from any harm.
  • In the other compartment you can keep your clothes, sleeping bag and your daily essentials.
  • In the front zipper compartments you can keep all your easy to find stuff so that you don’t waste your time digging and finding your essentials like phone, passport, keys, card etc.
  • Two side pockets to keep an umbrella and a water bottle.


  • USB charging port and headphone hole
  • TSA friendly design/airport scanner
  • Remove key ring
  • Massage mats on shoulder straps for stress relief


  • Stitching of the pack is not that perfect

YOREPEEK Backpack for Men

Yorepek backpack


  • Weight:- 2.18 Pounds
  • Dimensions:- 18 * 8 * 13.9 inches
  • Material:- Polyester
  • Large capacity backpack: –This pack has lots of compartments with lots of hidden pockets that will help you accommodate all your stuff in an organized way. It has a big book bag with 20+ separate pockets for storing college school supplies. Its headphone jack in this large backpack is easily accessible to your earphone usage to listen to music freely.
  • Comfortable design: –This pack has a U-shaped three-dimensional ventilation back design which helps in air convention, ventilation and heat elimination. It has comfortable wide breathable mesh shoulder straps with a lot of sponge pad that helps relieve stress from your shoulders. Both the shoulder straps are made with lanyard design where you can hang sunglasses and other small pendants.
  • Durable Material: –The backpack for men and women is made from high-quality polyester fabric shockproof with high density nylon lining for better tear and water resistant and heavy duty backpack.
  • Convenient use backpack: –It has external USB port with set-in charging cable offers convenient charging your cell phone and other electronic devices anywhere you want. For easy access to headphone usage there’s a hole on the book bag.
  • Multipurpose and TSA approved backpack: –At the airport, you can quickly get through the airport security and keep your items tidy, these backpacks are specially designed for airports. It can be used for outdoor and indoor purposes. This pack can be a perfect gift for your close ones.

What stuff can fit inside the pack?

  • The main compartment can easily fit your clothes, travel accessories, books, binders, electronic devices, shoes etc.
  • Front pockets can fit your easy access stuff, it has 5 divider small pockets.
  • Side adjustable net pockets to keep an umbrella, water bottle or accessories like bus traffic cards.


  • Air flow back and luggage design
  • TSA design laptop bag
  • External USB port and headphone jack


  • Portable power bank is not included

Eddie Bauer Places & Spaces Diaper Backpack


  • Weight:- 2.1 Pounds
  • Dimensions:- 12 * 6.5 * 16.5 inches
  • Material:- Polyester
  • Multiple pockets backpack: –The pack has 11 pockets including 2 exterior insulated bottle pockets, secured zippered pocket and top flap opening offer quick access to personal belongings.
  • Spacious backpack: –This backpack is super comfortable to fit all your stuff and help you organize better.
  • Comfortable backpack: –The backpack makes it comfortable to carry with adjustable padded shoulder straps, padded back, top handle and stroller loops. It has a removable changing pad and wipe case included for on the go diapering.

What stuff can fit inside this pack?

  • It has two main compartments, one is slightly bigger where you can keep your clothes, laptop and books. Another compartment for the rest of your essentials.
  • Three zipper pockets in the front to keep easy accessible things.
  • Two side pockets to keep a water bottle and umbrella.


  • A perfect daily backpack
  • Great Quality backpack
  • Multiple pockets for better organization


  • It doesn’t have two-way zippers

Himawari Backpack/Waterproof Backpack


  • Weight:- 1.5 Pounds
  • Dimensions:- 15 * 11 * 6 inches
  • Material:- Nylon
  • Laptop material backpack: –The backpack quality is waterproof hence its better for laptop safety. It’s made of high-quality waterproof scratch resistant nylon(it’s not totally water-resistant), leather decoration and smooth metal zipper.
  • Stylish Design: –Himawari backpack has a erogonic designand made of nylon fabric. The pack is durable, breathable and sturdy. It has soft shoulder straps to provide good protection to shoulders. You can use it has hand bag or back bag.
  • Comfortable backpack: –The backpack has adjustable and padded shoulder straps that provides extra comfort and fit snuggly around your shoulders. The extended straps can be buckled so that the straps will not lossen.
  • Spacious backpack: –You can fit a one day trip stuff in this backpack, it’s designed in a unique way to fit enough stuff. Multiple compartments to properly organize your stuff.
  • The company Himawari provides a great exchange policy. If your product is damaged you can easily contact the company and exchange it in the 30 day exchange policy. The colour of the pack might look different due to different display screen.

What stuff you can fit inside it?

  • One padded laptop compartment for keeping your 15 inch laptop safe.
  • One roomy main compartment to keep you clothes and other essentials.
  • One zipper pocket to keep passport, wallet, cards etc.
  • Three open pockets to keep phone, sunglasses and other small accessories.
  • Two inside pockets to keep water bottle, umbrella or cups.


  • Roomy compartments
  • Stylish design
  • Padded backpack


  • Stubborn zippers

Tzowla Travel Backpack


  • Weight:- 1.68 Pounds
  • Dimensions:- 20 * 5.5 * 11.8 inches
  • Material:- Nylon
  • Lots of storage backpack: –Super comfy for traveling, especially for airport traveling. Its designed in a way that the compartments also have multiple pockets to keep your stuff organized. From your laptop to clothes to daily essentials to shoes, you can keep whatever you want.
  • Anti-theft design backpack: –You can set a fixed password lovk and it has durable metal zippers which provides safety to your personal stuff. No need to worry of theft while traveling, Tzowla backpacks have your back.
  • Convieinent and comfortable backpack: –The backpack has USB interface with built-in cable design which provides great convenience for charging electronic devicesdevices via connecting your power bank. And it also has headphone interface to enjoy music while traveling. It has breathable widen shoulder straps , very durable and comfortable for your shoulders. It has a USB charging port to make your traveling convenient.
  • Multipurpose backpack: –The backpack is made from high-quality polyester fabric material, practical luggage strap design, comfortable widen padded shoulder straps and built-in key ring design. This pack cna be used for college, school, business trips or travel purpose and can be used by both men and women.

What stuff can fit inside the pack?

  • The main compartment has a separate laptop sleeve with that you can fit your books and some clothes, it has multiple pockets to keep your small and personal stuff.
  • In the front zipper compartment you can keep your headphones, phone, power bank and other related stuff. There are similar small pockets to keep your small stuff.

Front small pockets to keep your easy to find accessories like keys, cards etc.


  • Multipurpose backpack
  • USB charging port device
  • Durable metal zippers and lock


  • Quite cheaply constructed

Abshoo Classic Basic Backpack


  • Weight:- 1.32 Pounds
  • Dimensions:- 11.8 * 5.2 * 17.7 inches
  • Material:-Polyester

Material quality: -This backpack is made of high-quality, lightweight, water-resistant polyester. This makes the pack sturdy and durable for wear and tear.

● Multiple pockets backpack: -The backpack has multiple compartments to keep all your stuff organized.

● Multipurpose backpack: -This backpack is suitable for all purposes. It can be used for business trips, traveling, campaigns, and other outdoor activities.

● Fashionable design: -The backpack has a great design and mostly attracts school and college kids. This pack is designed well to fit all your stuff.

● Water-resistant material: -The backpack resist the entry of water into it to a certain extent; this means if a drizzle falls on your bag after some time, the water will roll down the fabric and will not penetrate the items from your backpack. Long-term exposure to rain or heavy rain will flood the contents of the backpack.

What stuff can fit inside the pack?

● Two big compartments where you can keep your laptop, clothes, books, files and more of similar things.

● Two front zipper pockets for keeping all your small stuff.


  • Two-way zippers
  • Water-resistant
  • Reinforced straps and prevent tearing.


  • This bag cannot handle being overweight.
  • The zippers are pretty stubborn.

Adidas Excel Backpack


  • Weight:- 1.01 Pounds
  • Dimensions:- 19 * 14 * 9 inches
  • Material:- Polyester

Water-resistant material: -The backpack can resist water to some extent, which means the backpack can handle some drizzle and roll the water down the backpack and will not penetrate your items inside the backpack. Long-term exposure to rain or heavy rain will flood the inside stuff of the backpack.

● The company Adidas is so sure about its product that it gives the backpack’s lifetime warranty.

● Comfortable pack: -The backpack has load spring shoulder straps to ease the weight. This pack is fully padded to provide comfort and ease to your back and provides full support to your body.

● Durable material: -The durable material of the pack is cable enough to handle any wear and tear. You can take this back to trekking, hiking, or any travel purpose and even use it for school or office.

● Multiple pocket backpack: -The Adidas backpack has lots of storage to store all your stuff. It has multiple pockets to properly organize your stuff.

What stuff can fit inside the pack?

● The backpack has four compartments, 2 big and 2 small. In the big compartments, you can keep your laptop, clothes, shoes and other stuff.

● In the front zippered compartments, you can stay quick access stuff so that you don’t have to dig inside your bag when you need something urgently.

● Two side pockets to keep a water bottle and umbrella.


  • It can fit a 15.4-inch laptop.
  • Padded sleeves to protect electronic devices.
  • Load spring shoulder straps.


  • The backpack is quite deep, you can fit a lot of stuff, but in between the trip, you have to dig it out if you need any stuff.

Amazon Basic Backpack


  • Weight:- 3.64 Pounds
  • Dimensions:- 19 * 8 * 13 inches
  • Material:- Polyester

Comfortable and Durable backpack: -The carry-on backpack has an internal zippered laptop sleeve, is ultra-flexible and lightweight, and is made of durable polyester fabric. This combination makes the pack super comfortable for carrying.

● Spacious backpack: -The pack is filled with multiple compartments, which helps you organize your backpack perfectly. It has a capacity of 35 liters.

● Unique design backpack: -The backpack has a front-top pocket for easy access to documents and travel liquids, a main upper packaging compartment with an organizer, and an expandable storage space truck-away ID pocket. It has removable sternum straps, waist belts, shoulder straps, and well-placed exterior handles.

What stuff can fit inside the pack?

● The main compartment can fit your laptop, clothes, and notebooks.

● The other compartment can hold your shoes and other essential stuff you want to carry with you.

● Two zippered pockets to keep your property easy to access.

● Two side pockets to keep a water bottle and umbrella.


  • Roomy multiplecompartments
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • Optimal midway shelf


  • Poor construction on shoulder strap latches

Carhartt Legacy Standard Backpack


  • Weight:- 1.4 Pounds
  • Dimensions:- 12 * 18 * 11 inches
  • Material:- Polyester

Versatile backpack: -This backpack is a multipurpose backpack that can be used for all-purpose. Its design, style, and durability make the bag perfect for school, college, office, and traveling.

● Durable backpack: -The backpack is made of 1200D polyester fabric with rain defender water repellent plus Duramax abrasion-resistant base. This makes the bag sturdy and ready for any type of wear and tear.

● Comfortable backpack: -The backpack is fully padded from straps to the back panel; this provides comfort while traveling or hiking.

● Spacious backpack: -The backpack has multiple compartments to fit all your stuff in an organized manner. It has separate compartments for better access to any stuff.

What stuff you can fit inside the pack?

● The main compartment can check your laptop and clothes.

● In the other compartment, you can keep your shoes and other essentials.

● In the front, two zippered pockets you can keep small and easy to access things so that you don’t need to find them when in urgent need.


  • Versatile backpack
  • Made of durable polyester fabric
  • Padded shoulder straps and back panel.


  • Zippers are stuck in some cases

Mogplof Laptop Backpack


  • Weight:- 3.24 Pounds
  • Dimensions:- 21.5 * 16.3 * 9.9 inches
  • Material:- polyester

● Travel and gaming backpack: -This pack has multiple compartments that give extra protection to laptop computers. It can fit all your stuff, and if your partner lacks some space, it can fit their stuff also.

● TSA friendly backpack: -At the checkpoint, unfolds the backpack freely 180 degrees, making you quickly through the airport security, exclusively designed for airport travel. You can attach the backpack to the trolley easily.

● RFID Backpack & ANTI-THEFT: -RFID pockets with RFID-radio frequency identification help secure personal data encoded on your credit cards, ids, and passport. The oversized anti-theft pocket on the back makes it easy to put your phone and wallet in.

● USB charging port and water-resistant backpack: -You can quickly charge your phone while traveling with the external charging port. A hole for headphones outside gives easy access to earphone usage. The travel backpack is made of sturdy polyester fabric with heavy-duty locked zippers, which withstand harsh conditions and heavy use. A rugged handle at the top for easy grabbing the pack.

● Comfortable design: -Airflow back with U-shaped three-dimensional ventilation design help for the air convection. It’s a fully padded backpack that makes it comfortable for you to carry the pack everywhere.

It proves to be the best gift for your loved ones.

What stuff you can fit inside it?

● The main compartment can check your laptop, clothes, shoes, and other identical things.

● In the additional compartment, you can keep books and other essentials.

● The front two zipper pockets are used for small items.

● Two side pockets for a water bottle and umbrella.


  • TSA-friendly design
  • Fully padded backpack
  • USB charging port and headphone hole


  • The stitching of the straps proves to be relatively weak


All the backpacks listed above are impressive; every bag is unique in its own way and has different quality and design. A backpack with multiple pockets is what people desire for school or travel purposes, for better organization.

From the all as per me, I will choose KROSER Travel Laptop Backpack, it has all things ticked in my list.

I would say prepare your own list and at the end rectify which backpack suits you best and your purpose.