Children are fond of rolling backpacks. A backpack with wheels attached to it will be more convenient to pull and will not cause their backs to feel heavier, and they will even be safe from back and shoulder injuries. They are also preferable for children bringing much heavier weights than they should carry. Toddler rolling backpacks even have shoulder straps so children can take them also on uneven surfaces.

Picking the appropriate backpack can be challenging for some, as the things you are looking for might get missed. But don’t you worry, we are here to guide you with the things you need to look for.

Essentials to look for while searching for a rolling backpack for toddler

You might afford to miss few things while looking for yourself, but you need to take extra care when it comes to your children. Here is the list of things you should consider:

Pair of wheels

A rolling backpack itself means that a pair of wheels is a must. So the first thing you should look for is the set of wheels. Wheels smaller in size will be a better choice, but their quality would be the first concern, so double-check it. If your children are very fond of backpacks and love to carry them all over the place, getting one with large wheels will be a good thought as larger wheels are easier to move over harsh and soft surfaces.


Rolling backpacks of all shapes and sizes are available. When looking for one of your choices, you need to know the exact capacity they will need while filling the backpack with the same space. A pre-primary child does not require much space for their essentials, so a bag of medium size will do the work. But if you want to use it even when travelling and do not want a separate one for it, you might choose accordingly.


While looking for the backpack, the essential thing to consider is its handle. It should be the most comfortable. The thing to believe in the handle is that you need to make sure that the handle is attached to the holder firmly and does not get detached easily. A handle lock should be present when extended. Toddlers rolling backpacks have telescoping handles. Telescoping handles usually make it easier to manage the bag and even make it look more charming to the toddlers’ eyes.

Design and color:

Design and color are the things through which the toddler will get interested in the backpack, so the choice of this will be theirs. But your only matter of concern over here is whether they are easily washable or not; otherwise, it might be a challenging task for you.

Backpack space

Space is the thing that matters as all the essentials of the toddler should get fit into it, and if compartments are present, then it would be cherry on the cake as it would make the toddler rolling backpack even more attractive to them which will get them excited towards their studies.


Comfort is the first thing people always want, and they shall always look for, so even we want our children to be comfortable. So to choose a backpack which has good quality shoulder straps would be a need as in some places the bag must be put on shoulders.


You must always look for a warranty when buying anything. In a toddler’s rolling backpack, you should always check for security on defects and man labour.

Extra features

The other features that can be included while looking for toddler rolling backpack are listed below:

a. Multiple pockets: Multiple pockets help ensure that the things are kept well organized, and each compartment will be for the specific item.

b. Pencil pouch: It is unnecessary, but it gives your toddler a particular place to look for instead of searching for them all over the bag.

c. Spinner wheels: Spinner wheels give additional benefit as it helps carry the backpack more easily.

d. Zippered pockets: They help keep all the items safe and helps to avoid unnecessary loss of stuff.

Best rolling backpack for kids

Jansport Driver 8 Backpack

This can be used as a rolling backpack as well as a normal backpack. This will be a perfect choice for your elder kid. The price is slightly high but its quality and durability guarantees that it can be used for years to come.

It has enough space to hold every essential and can even hold the laptop in the padded laptop sleeve.


  • Enough Space
  • Easily convertible from backpack to rolling backpack
  • Good quality wheels provide better movement
  • Padded laptop sleeve can hold a 15″ tablet or laptop easily
  • You can choose the design and color of your choice


  • It is slightly priced high

Pacific gear treasureland hybrid lightweight rolling backpack

This backpack is a prefect fit for elementary and middle aged school going kids. The small pockets present in the front will do the work for pencils and therefore not making them for look all over the bag.

The spacious pocket will ensure that all the books and essential stuff be properly placed in it.

You just need to push a button to extend the telescopic handle which is of 25 inches. The inline rolling wheels are much smaller which makes them inconvenient to roll on dampy or uneven surfaces.

The backpack offers bright and eye capturing designs and also football themed designs.


  • Front pocket is a big plus
  • Eye catchy design choices
  • The telescopic handle has huge length which is good for taller kids


  • Small wheels make is difficult to handle the bag on damphy and uneven surfaces

Skip hop kids backpack with wheels

This backpack comes in beautiful shapes and designs which make kids actually fall in the love with these backpacks. Unicorn, owl, butterfly and giraffe are some of the preferences there are even more.

The front portion has a large zip pocket. There is also a strap which can be removed as well as gets adjusted incase the parents want to carry them instead of rolling it. This backpack is a perfect fit for younger kids or preschoolers. There is also a mesh pocket to keep the water-bottle and the backpack is free from BPA and phthalate.

The handle is of 13 inch and the kids can hold it very easily. The material of the backpack is poly-canvas which ensures that the backpack’s life will be longer.


  • Attractive designs which the kids will fall in love with.
  • Starp for parents use if they are in need of it.
  • Can also be used if the child is travelling to keep the luggage.
  • Poly-canvas material ensures it can be used for years.
  • A perfect fit for pre-school kids.


  • When fully retracted, the handle doesn’t lock

Disney buzz lightyear rolling backpack

This small toddler rolling backpack is very suitable choice for younger kids. It shows the presence of a magnetic closure and is an original and genuine Disney store piece. The backpack has flaps on the back which close with magnetic snaps.

The toddlers rolling  backpack has shoulder traps and also has the telescopic handle on top of it. The screen art has signs that show DANGER and JET EXHAUST. It has two wheels and the handle can be pulled in and out as and when required.


  • It is very attractive. It is very different from other toddler rolling backpacks as it has wings which close on magnetic properties.
  • The back of the toddler rolling backpack is padded.
  • The shoulder straps are adjustable.