How to Wash a North face Backpack?

Backpacks are an essential part of every adventurer, climber, traveller, hikers, and campers. Good quality and comfortable nature of the bag gives relief and ease. Moreover, backpack sets your hands free, and you can enjoy the journey of your adventure with full excitement and energy. A durable, tenacious and comfortable bag with good capacity to carry your items, clothes and other gear is very much necessary.

North-face Backpack range includes the most innovative and good storage space backpack for every group of individuals. One of the reasons for their popularity is the practicality that they are providing.

Backpacks face the challenges of the environment and interact with nature. They may get dirty and grimy and leads to an unpleasant experience. Therefore, it is necessary to keep cleaning the backpack in mind and regularly do the cleaning process to add a bag’s durability.

Backpack Care and Management

Firstly, it is not advised to regularly wash the north face backpack because backpacks are made durable and can withstand nature’s summons. Most of them are waterproof and water-resistant, and this feature keeps them dry and protect it from stains and messes. Secondly, washing the north face backpack in harsh detergents, chemicals, and washing machines can damage them.

Some cleaning ways and guides to wash the north face backpack: –

Spot Cleaning:

In the product care guide of north face backpack, it is recommended to use spot cleaning as per requirement. In this method, you select your bag’s area with spot, stain, or mess and clean it using a soft wet towel.

However, sometimes spot cleaning is not enough because of the stubborn smudges and sticky messes on the backpack. In this situation, you have to wash the north face backpack. Here are the few important points to take in consideration before initiating the washing process:

To-Do Things Before Washing:

One of the most important and essential part before washing the North face backpack is to empty the bag. Check every pocket and compartment of the bag and remove all the items from it. Shake it down and open all the zippers so that nothing is left inside any compartment. Make sure there is nothing left inside the backpack not even a minute item.


After completing the first step successfully, you can proceed to the next stage of your washing process. Brushing off dirt, mud and dust is necessary. For this purpose, take a brush and wipe out all the dust and dirt from the backpack. This step helps you with the washing process. It does not give you a muddy water solution during the process. In addition to this, dry washing is important because the dust when gets wet does not come out easily from the backpack and can get stuck inside and outside the pack giving very annoying washing experience.

Furthermore, you can use a dry paper towel, a soft brush or a toothbrush whatever the item is available. It is advisable to use a dry paper towel for larger surface areas of the north face backpack, while smaller crevices and compartments use soft brush or toothbrush. This step enables us to get rid of every minute particle of the dust and grime.

Wipe Down Method:

The wipe down method is considered one of the safest and secure ways to clean and wash the North face backpack. There is very minimal use of water, and no use of hard chemicals and detergents makes it safe for the pack or the whole unit’s outer coating.

This method contains two steps:

  • Interior Cleaning
  • Exterior Cleaning

Interior Cleaning: Cleaning the interior is necessary to make the north face backpack long-lasting and fresh. For this purpose, take a towel, dip it in the water, and remove all the excess water by wringing the towel so that there is very little water remaining in the water. Then, clean the zippers, small pockets, and every compartment of the backpack until you are sure that there is no dirt left behind.

Exterior Cleaning:

For cleaning the exterior, do spot cleaning. If you want to clean the whole backpack, it is recommended to use the same interior cleaning method. You can wet the towel as per requirement but be mindful with using the water quantity.

It is the final step of the cleaning process after that; you can get a thoroughly clean north face backpack.

Sometimes, there are still some grimes and dirt left on the backpack, which gives it an unpleasant appearance and can damage your goods while keeping them inside the pack. This problem is solved by a soaking method.

A Soaking Method

Use lukewarm water, fill the tank or bathtub. Dip the North face backpack in this water. Usually, a general soaking without washing powder is enough to get rid of all the dirt. Make sure that every compartment is wide open while submerging the backpack. Moreover, gently rubbing the pack’s smaller areas and outer surfaces is effective in getting good results.

Use of Detergents:

On the first go, using a detergent for washing the North face back is not recommended. Because even the mild and soft detergents do not give any surety in not damaging the backpack’s outer coating.

However, sometimes, when steps mentioned above do not work, detergents become necessary to remove the stubborn stains. It is suggested to use the bleach-free and mild detergents. Mix the detergent in the water, soak the backpack for 20 minutes and then cleanse it well.


Dry the backpack in dry and shady places as drying in the sun causes shrinkage. Use hanger and place the bag upside down for faster drying.

Machine Washing:

Machine washing of backpack is unsympathetic and risky, so do not try.


Regular maintenance and using the above-mention guidelines help keep your backpack durable and safe.

Happy backpacking!