It’s okay! Sometimes we spill things on our bags, and it gets dirty. But no problem we have detergents to wash it and vera Bradley bags are easily washable.

Vera Bradley bags are designed for easy care. No dry cleaning required. There are three ways by which you can clean your dirty work, i.e. by hand washing, machine wash or spot cleaning. I will provide you with a brief about how to wash it and the precautions to be taken.

Things to remember before washing:-

check your care label

Care label will provide you with the instructions regarding how to wash the bag either in hot or cold water, and they will tell you if it is machine and dryer safe or not.

Check the material

Some materials are not made to be washed in washing machines and need spot treatment only. It all depends on the material used to make the bag. I will tell you further about what material requires which type of washing.

For now, let’s start with different methods of washing:-

Using washing machine

The easiest and best suitable way to wash your vera Bradley bag.

  • First take all your stuff out from the bag so that it does not get stuck and destroyed in your washing machine like bobby pins, safety pins, paper clips, pennies, gum wrappers etc. You can also take help of a vacuum cleaner to suck things out. But use a vacuum with a small attachment, or you can use a lint roller.
  • Close all the zippers before washing.
  • You can wash the stained area previously with some detergent so that the stain gets vanished (it totally depends on your choice to wash it or not).
  • Use cold water and your regular detergent to wash.
  • After washing, gently shake your bag and keep it for drying.

Spot cleaning and hand washing your Vera Bradley bag

These concepts are one and the same. You saw a spot on your bag, and you wish to wash it so here are the steps.

  • First, bush off all the dust on your bag.
  • Close all the zippers before washing.
  • Choose a spot cleaner of your choice but do not use bleach. You can make one for you with a tiny drop of dish soap in a cup of water and a tiny amount of your detergent in a cup of water.

If the stain is stubborn, a washing machine hack applies detergent and dish soap and keep it for 30 minutes. Use less products as possible.

  • Rub the applied solution for a while repeatedly with your hands or brush.
  • Finally, gently clean the spot area with a wet cloth or wash the bag with cold water.
  • Keep the bag to dry for a while.

Material wise washing tips:-


Machine wash with cold water with a gentle cycle and use a gentle detergent.

But not all cotton bags are machine washable, do check your piece on


Leather is a delicate material that can be damaged easily, so gently dab with a soft clean cloth to remove the dirt spot.

Performance twill

Just, spot clean with a gentle detergent. Lay flat for drying.


Same as performance twill spot clean with a gentle detergent and lay flat while drying.

A little tip for keeping your bag with pleasing odour

Frequent travelling can pick some travel smell, so to stay away from that you should keep a small sachet of baking soda in between your stuff. This will keep the foul odour out, and your bag will smell neutral.

Regular maintenance is essential!

  • Protect the material:- Protect your bag from spills and dirt before they happen!
  • Store them properly:- Your bags will last longer if stored properly. Do not just throw it inside your closet but keep it in an upright position in their dust bags or cotton case. Never store them in plastic bags because it traps moisture.
  • Remove stains the right way:- First, know what type of stain you are dealing with and then use the method.
  • Protect the lining:- Use pouches to keep the lipsticks and cosmetics, protecting the bag from spills. And keep them organized.
  • Practice routine maintenance for safety:-


  1. Avoid handling your bag if your hands are dirty.
  2. Use a brush to clean your bag regularly.
  3. Wipe your bag regularly.
  4. Take it to a professional:- For stain, wear and tear beyond your maintenance skills go to a handbag repair professional.


I wish you got the answer to how to wash a vera Bradley backpack. Now you can maintain and clean your bag in a better manner.

Do follow the steps mentioned above carefully because one wrong step can damage your bag. I will advise you to check the website and check what precautions you have to take before washing.

And also do routine maintenance for better conditions of your backpack.

Happy cleaning!