The hikers and the students use backpacks. People use backpacks while going for an outing. They help to store the things and let our hands-free during our journeys. After their use, backpacks are usually thrown out. People throw them in the garbage and make no use of it.

But, do you know what to do with old backpacks? How to utilize an old backpack?

There are so many methods to use these bags in different ways. I use below listed methods to turn my useless backpacks into much useful stuff.

Here are some methods on what to do with old backpacks


I wash my backpacks in the right way then I put them in the closet. After that, I use them again if I get bored with the other backpacks.

I wash them in the washing machine using bleach-free gentle detergent, and then I wash them with cold water. If it is not so dirty, I clean it using a disinfecting agent on a clean cloth. Then I rub it on my backpack and remove its stains. Before washing, I often spray vinegar in my backpack so that the smell goes off. This thing renews my backpack and makes it ready to use again.

I can reuse my backpack after repairing it. I send it to the manufacturing companies, and they return it to me after repairing it into a new one.

Selling them

When my backpacks get much older, I collect them with other used accessories and sell them off at low prices. Many people buy these used things for recycling. Some poor people will also prefer to buy these things for them. I open a store after a year. I place all the used things in it after complete washing and cleaning. I sell out these things at low costs. In this way, the people who cannot afford expensively branded things can quickly get these things.

Use them as a tool kit.

I often reuse my old and used backpacks as a tool kit. In garages, the tools become rusty and dirty. I place these tools in one of my old backpacks to avoid them from atmospheric attack. There will be no chance of getting any tool displaced. Using my backpack as a tool kit helps me to save small accessories like nuts and nails. So whenever I need the tools in my garage, I open the backpack, and all the stuff is in front of me.

Make the best use of functional parts.

If my backpack gets old, I take it, separate its functional parts and save them for future use. I separate its zippers, buckles, and straps of my worn backpack and save them for later use. This strategy helps a lot when I need these things to make something else as I am good at sewing clothes. I take the fasteners off the old backpack to use them later.

Sometimes, I make use of the old backpack as a table cover. I also use its cloth for dusting purposes. This method helps me a lot to make fair use of useless backpacks.

To store the old stuff.

I use the old and useless backpacks to store many small things. I store my old books in them. Sometimes, I use them to place my old shoes. I use the backpacks to store all the stuff which I may need later. This thing helps me to save the things which I can lose. It also helps to organize the scattered things symmetrically.

Instead of storing the useless things, I often use my old backpack to store many accessories such as gym clothes and dry shoes. I also use my old backpack to store my useful things. I decorate my bookshelves with these old backpacks. I put my books and related material in my backpack in an organized way and then put them on the bookshelves in a desirable manner. This thing gives my bookshelves a new life.

There is another way to use a backpack for storage. If I have many things to hang out with, but there are not enough hooks, I hang my old backpack and put the things in it. It helps me to avoid the muddy conditions due to scattered things all around.

I place my old backpacks on the study table. I used to put all my tests, notes, and essential assignments in it. This strategy saves my things from being lost or damaged. During the study, whenever I want any stuff, I open that backpack and use the material in it.

Taking out for shopping

Usually, I take my old and useless backpack to market. I often place the things in them which I buy. This strategy helps me to store the things in the bag which I buy in bulk quantity. I take my old backpack to transport groceries. The backpacks are easily expandable. They are designed to carry heavy weights and are made up of rigid material.

Sometimes, I place the vegetables in these backpacks when I go to buy them. This method helps me to carry the things more efficiently.

Using them to go out for a trip

Whenever I set out for a trip, I take an old backpack for putting the used things in it. It helps me a lot to manage things appropriately. I put on my dirty socks and used articles of clothing in that backpacks. So when I return home, I can quickly put those separated things for cleaning. It has an advantage that these things will not spoil the other neat clothes and accessories with the dirt and foul smell.

I also put many valuable things in my old backpacks before setting off on the trip. I put my first aid kit in it. I also place my snacks and food in it, which I can use during travel. I also put my towel and extra accessories in that old backpack, which cannot accommodate the new one. This strategy helps me a lot to organize everything reasonably.


Although the new things and products are essential in our lives, the older ones give us many advantages. They often make our lives easier.