Want to buy a backpack for your kid and are a little confused about what size will be perfect? No need to worry, I’ll help you with that. This article will help you find what size backpack will be perfect for kindergarten kids.

Is it worth buying a backpack for kindergarten kids??

It will definitely be worth buying a backpack for kindergarten kids because it will help them carry things like bottles, lunch boxes, books, etc.

It will boost their self-confidence, as they might have seen the backpacks their friends carrying.

How to select the right size backpack for kindergarten kids??

To select the right size backpack, first, you have to take a measurement of your kid.

Most importantly, you have to consider the height of your kid’s back and the child’s width.

For height: – For measuring the size of your child’s back, you have to calculate it from the down of the neck till above the hips where actually the backpacks get fit.

Pro Tip: – Try to get a backpack more than 2 inches of the actual height of your child’s back as it will fully fit him and makes him more comfortable. 

For width: – It’s simple to measure the child’s width; you can count the shoulder ridges and add 2 inches more on it. 

If you cannot measure your child height and width, you can consider the following chart: – 


As you have measured the height and width of your child, it’s time to select how big a backpack your child should carry.

How big a backpack your child should carry??

20 liters backpack: – 

It will be a relatively small backpack but good enough to carry things for a kindergartner, something like a water bottle, lunch box, little books, etc. These backpacks will be more portable for your child as it will be small in size and carry sufficient items.

We have a complete guide on How big is a 20L backpack:-

30 liters backpack: –

You can go with 30 liters backpacks if your child carries extra items like a tablet or laptop, additional heavy books, etc. These backpacks are too portable and compact and even have some other things.

More than 30 liters are not considered the right choice for a kindergartner as it will not be portable and compact for your child and will be heavier and large in size. 

As a kindergartner, a 30 liters backpack is more than sufficient.

Other factors to be considered while buying a backpack for kindergarten kids: –

Size is not the only factor to consider while purchasing a backpack there are various other factors that we are going to cover here: – 

  1. Compartments: – There should be two large compartments for books and a small compartment for the lunchbox, and a side space for water bottles.
  • Capacity: – As I have already mentioned about the total, more than 30 liters of backpacks are not recommended for kindergartners.
  • Built quality: – If your child has a rough use, you can go with a hard material(nylon) backpack; other than that, there are more options available in the market. And buying a top-notch pack will save your money too as you don’t need to spend it every year to buy a new one. Once checking for zipper quality will be the right decision because the zipper is one of the critical factors. Water-resistance is not needed in most of the conditions but can take as a factor.
  • Laptop sleeve: – If your child carries a laptop or tablet, then there should be a separate sleeve for that because it will keep the computer safe.
  • Padded shoulder straps: – Padded shoulder straps should be there because it will be easy for your kid to handle it even if the backpack is much heavier. 
  • Other factors: – There are tons of other factors such as design and color that you can choose as per your child’s desire, side pockets, etc.

Precautions that need to be taken while purchasing a backpack for kindergarten kids.

  1. Don’t purchase the backpack more than your child’s actual height and width; 2 to 3 inches are OK. It may feel uncomfortable for them to carry the load.
  2. Purchase a backpack with padded shoulder straps to avoid shoulder pain while carrying heavy items in the bag.
  • There should be a padded back panel, too, to avoid back pain.

Conclusion: – 

Hope you have found what size will be perfect for your kindergarten kid; along with that, you can read the other factors to be considered while purchasing a backpack with precautions as mentioned in this article. This was all about this article. Lastly, I would like to say if you’ll consider all the things discussed in this article, you will able to get a perfect backpack for your kid.