Ironing on a patch seems to be an easy task, but it’s not that easy as it appears to be. One single mistake can spoil your whole backpack, don’t worry, I’ll help you out in this situation. In this article, I’ll show you how to iron on a patch to a backpack.

On the other hand, sewing the patches can be the other option, but ironing is the best one as it looks more natural.

8 Steps to Iron on a patch to a backpack: –

Remember to follow each and every step because it should be done correctly.

Check the fabric of the patch and backpack.

Mostly the fabric will be of cotton, jute, or denim, and moreover, they are easy to iron-on patch.

On the other hand, leather material will be a little trickier and more difficult to iron.

We cannot use iron-on soft material such as silk, polyester, etc. As it will get burn quickly and may result in spoiling of backpack.

Place the patch on the backpack.

Place the patch where you want to place it, but remember to think twice before ironing it because it will get stick there.

Set the temperature of iron.

We have to set the right temperature of iron, as this step is the most crucial, the whole game will get succeed or may get spoil in this step.

If you are not sure about the right temperate to set for ironing the patch to a backpack, try to fix it from 275-310 Fahrenheit. 

Place a towel or old cloth above the patch. 

As you are now set with the temperature of your iron, but don’t use it directly, firstly keep your backpack at the smooth surface and place your patch above it wherever you want to put it and place an old towel over it or old clothes (which you’ll no longer use in future). 

Iron the patch over the backpack 

After placing the towel or old cloth over the patch, try to iron it for not more than 30 seconds, it is because it may spoil your patch and backpack both, hence result in burning.

Remember, the patch’s placement shouldn’t change; it should be constant.

Check the patch after 30 seconds.

It’s time to check whether the patch has been appropriately ironed or not; there should be no wrinkles or side turning to patches.

If you are getting troubled, wait for 5 minutes, let your backpack and patch become cool, and then try it one more time with patience, it will get stuck.

Iron on another side

You may be thinking ironing on one side will stick the patch permanently, but that’s not the whole game; you have to iron it on the other side, too, for the long run.

You may face some issues as you have to iron it on another side of a backpack; if it were on a regular t-shirt, it would have been an easy task.

Similarly, place the towel on that side and iron it for not more than 30 seconds.

Left your backpack to get cool

As after doing all the steps discussed above, it’s time for you to relax and wait for around 1 hour; after that, check it once; there are 90 percent chances that it will withstand but 10 percent not.

So, continue following the step for 1-2 times will help you make withstand the patch.

Pre-Cautions that needs to be taken:-

  1. Check the backpack’s fabric before ironing the patch over it; it should not be of soft material like silk.
  2. Set the temperature of iron what has been discussed in this article that is 275-310 Fahrenheit. 
  3. Patch should be placed at a particular area with a constant placement.
  4. After ironing the patch, it may not withstand for more time if you have a habit of washing it regularly, so I have a solution for that, you can sew it from the patch’s corner.
  5. Patch should be a little bit away from the zipper to not result in a zipper stuck problem.


This was all about ‘How to iron on a patch to a backpack,’ I hope you correctly followed the steps.

If you have any issue related to the steps discussed, you can just comment, and I’ll try to respond as soon as possible.