Brand new suits and shirts need extra care while packing for travelling. It’s a severe headache when it comes to keep the suits and shirts intact from creases and not get wrinkles on ironed suits. It is a severe problem when suits have to be pack in compact bags or backpacks because there is always a fear of getting wrinkles and creases on ironed suits. But no need to worry more. I’ll share some helpful tips and packing ways which can save your ironed clothes. And you can shine in your suits when you reach your destination.

Suppose you are a person who loves travelling or has to travel due to work and attend meetings. Your biggest problem would be how to pack suits in a backpack? The idea of caring for your suits in gear or compact bags would give you nightmares. Packing a suit in a backpack is the most confusing problem. After all, you have to make sure of the iron suit not to get creases because you might not get it ironed again.

If you have to pack a suit in a backpack, the first question which arises is how you should pack a suit in a bag? Do not worry more; it’s not rocket science. But some simple tips and tricks will make your packing the suit makes easy and wrinkle-free.

Packing a suit or clothes in a backpack needs some particular folding to fit in the bag, which keeps the clothes intact from creases. If you are an avid traveller and loves to carry a backpack, then you should know and follow the following tips for packing suits in a bag.

Packing suit sin backpack needs some unique folding and rolling of cloths. It keeps the clothes or suits neat and ironed in ta suitable manner.

Few methods implemented to pack a suit in a backpack effortlessly

The Fold Method

This method is practiced mostly and recommended for the smart packing of clothes. The process includes periodically folding a suit coat. The shoulders are tuck into each other to avoid wrinkles and creases on a suit coat. The lining of the suit turned outwards to maintain the smooth look of a suit. Then the folded skin is tucked into pants to avoid horizontal creasing of pants.

This method is beneficial when there is limited space for packing or packing lightly for travelling.

The Dry Cleaner Bag Method

How to pack a suit in a backpack

If there is not much space in your bag to pack a suit or you are super possessive about the suit’s iron, then you can pack the suit in a dry clean bag. What you have to do is to pull the whole bag out of a hanger and smoothly fold once into a horizontal line. It will save you some space. Also, the chances of getting wrinkles are zero in this case.

Following are some tips to roll and pack suits in a backpack

First of all, pull out one sleeve of your suit inside out so that one side of your suit is inverted, including the shoulder pad. I can understand it sounds crazy to treat an expansive suit like this. But this would turn out t save your suit from wrinkles.

Now take the right side of your suit, which is unaltered. Take the shoulder pad of the right side and then tuck it in the inverted or inside outside of suit you just pulled in the first step.

Now, align the folded sides of suits with a liner line and shutter it along with the bag, and it will be crease when you have to wear it or tuck it out.

After packing the suit, it now turns to pack pants. It is also an easy trick of folding to keep pants wrinkle-free. To fold the pants, hold the pants and set them along the crease line to not disturb the iron of pants. Then, fold the into quarters and tuck it into the backpack because they are super ready to get into your bag.

Keep a thing in mind to avoid the suit from getting dirty drape the suit along the bag’s sides. It will keep the suit clean and will not get contaminated.

Now it’s time to fold the shirt. While folding the shirt, keep the basics of folding shirt sleeves the same. The sleeves should be flat. Then fold the shirt along the natural lines. Now the shirt is also ready to stuff into a backpack. Or else, you can ball it into the end of the bag.

Keeping a cloth inside and around the suit and shirt will give them an extra layer of protection. The fabric will keep it away from wrinkles and creases. It also keeps the shape of the jacket safe. To keep the jacket’s shape safe, roll up a pair of jeans and fold the jacket around the tubular body of jeans. You can also wrap a shirt around the jeans to keep the wrinkles away.

You can tie a belt around this bundle to make it more secure. And do not put much weight on it or else the unique folding to avoid wrinkles and creases would be all-in vein.

Last but not least, do not forget to pack your tie, socks, belt, and essentials. Roll them and tuck them into the side pockets of the bag. They do not occupy much space and quickly get fit into small spaces.


That’s all regarding folding a suit to pack in a backpack. You can tuck this bundle into your bag and travel wherever you want. But, try to follow smart packing rules. It will save you some space, and you can carry only your essentials with your suit like shoes, tie and stuff.

Happy Backpacking!!!