Secret compartments help us to carry or store a lot of accessories safely, but some backpacks don’t come with hidden pockets, but what if you can make a secret compartment in your bag??

So, I am here to guide you on how to make a secret compartment in your backpack correctly, so follow the guide and you’ll get your answer to how to make a secret pocket easily.

There are two methods of making a secret compartment, we’ll be covering the most popular and most accessible, i.e. sewing and hook and matching strip methods in this guide.

Sewing a hidden compartment in a backpack

How to make a secret pocket in a backpack
  • Measure the pocket
  • Pin the fabric
  • Sew the fabric
  • Finish the work with duct tape

Let’s begin,

Materials required:- Thread(same colour of your backpack), pins, needle, scissors, duct tape, measuring tape, cloth of the colour of your inside bag, safety pins if you don’t want to sew.

Measure the pocket

Measure what size of pocket you need for your backpack, but cut at least one or two inches more from all sides for sewing or if any mistake occurs. And cut two pieces of cloth of the same size.

Pin the fabric

Put both the cloth placed on each other and place the material inside the backpack’s front. Stick the pins on the corners so that it can stick in place while sewing.

Sew the fabric

You do not need to be a perfectionist in sewing, just like it works to keep the material down.

As by now you have pinned the fabric we can start sewing. Flip the backpack over to sew. Take the needle and thread and start sewing back and through, remember only sew the three sides so that you can use your secret pocket to store things. The upright side should not be sewed. Be careful while stitching; the needle can hurt you.

Finish the work with duct tape

how to make a secret compartment in a backpack

Get a duct tape of your inside backpack’s colour because we don’t want your secret pocket to be visible.

Now it’s time to finish things. Take the duct tape and stick it around the edges of the pocket you have sewn. It will make the bag stand firm for a longer duration.

Wow! Your secret pocket is ready; you can use it to hide your stuff.

With the use of hook and matching strings

  • Measure the fabric and pocket
  • Stick the fabric
  • Use hooking and matching strips
  • Finish it off

Let’s start!

Materials required:- same colour cloth of your inside backpack, bonding glue, scissors, measuring tape and hooking and matching tape.

Measure the fabric and pocket

Measure the pocket’s size, how much bigger you want your secret pocket and then cut the fabric slightly (one or two-inch)bigger so you can stick with the hooking tape. Remember, the colour of the clot should be the same as the colour of the inside backpack.

Stick the fabric

You have to stick the two pieces of fabric together with bonding glue. Apply bonding glue on three sides of the cloth so that you can use it as a pocket. Keep it overnight to dry off quickly and be strong enough not to tear down again. You can do this activity in a newspaper so that the glue doesn’t damage your bag, floor or clothes.

Use hooking and matching strips

Cut two hooking pad strips exact measurement of the pocket. Remove the strips’ adhesive and place the sticky side of the strips down on the three sides of the bag. Put a little pressure on the strips so that they get stuck and do not tear off easily. Now cut the hooking strips of the same size as the pocket remove the adhesive and stick it on the inside of the backpack where you want to make your secret pocket. Press the strips so that it sticks properly.

Finish it off

Now, stick the pocket you have made against the hooking strip on the backpack and press it with little force. Leave the pocket overnight, and from the next day, you can use the bag and your secret pocket.

Why is the secret pocket essential?

  • To organize your stuff, often we get to situations where we cannot find or basic things at the right time. Maybe we forget where we have kept it. A secret pocket will help you get to the stuff directly, and you will not have to search for it frustratingly.
  • You get an extra pocket to keep things.
  • If you want to hide something, this will be the best pocket.
  • The secret pocket will protect your important stuff from people’s evil intentions.
  • You can also keep the stuff which needs to be protected from any danger, i.e. from any accidents.
  • All your essential keys or any document you have to keep will be safe there. It will protect all your valuables.

A secret pocket is for hiding your stuff and carrying your items that can get damaged.


Having a secret pocket in your backpack is an incredible idea for keeping your important stuff as well as protecting them. The amazing fact is both the ways which I told you are the simplest and can be done in significantly less time.

Hopefully, you got to benefit from reading this, but not only read it, but do apply it to make a secret pocket. It will be valuable for you.