Many creative people use various things to make a new one. Some want to make a handmade backpack with no money, and this sounds cute. In this article, I will tell you how to make a backpack out of old jeans. Usually, we waste the jeans that’s stuff gets old. However, these old jeans can be handy for making different kinds of bags. This thing will enhance the recycling of fabric instead of being a part of the landfill. To know how to make a backpack out of old jeans, you have to read this article.

There are various ways to make backpacks from old jeans. Some of the methods are given. You can try one of these to make a perfect backpack for you.

Items needed to learn how to make a backpack of old jeans?

To make a backpack from old jeans, you need the following materials;


The main thing you need is old jeans. If you don’t have one, buy it at the nearby thrift shop. Try to choose good quality jeans to make a durable backpack.

Webbing adjusters:

You will need two webbing adjusters of 29 cm each. That should match the width of the fabric and will let your straps tight.


You will need a suitable zipper of 42cm or according to your measurement ratios. You can choose any design you want.


You will need two strips of 45cm. It provides a firm grip and support to the backpack.

Other material needed to learn how to make a bag out of old jeans?

  • A pair of scissors
  • Pins
  • Threads
  • Matchbox
  • Marking pen
  •  Iron
  • A flat surface (cutting board)
  •  Sewing machine

Things to focus on:

After each step of making a backpack, make sure that you iron your project. That will help you to give it a better finish.

You have to line up the various pieces of your jeans. So fold it to the centre and mark it out with the help of a pin.

The measurements I am telling you in this article are not standard. You can change them according to the size of the bag you want.

While attaching the things like ribbon, straps make sure that the area between the fabric edges and line of stitches is small so that you get a neat and better finish.

How to make a bag out of old jeans?

This method will help you to make a perfect daypack for adventure.

When you gather all the required stuff, you can make a backpack. Here is the procedure for making a backpack out of old jeans.

1. Cut the fabric:

In the first step, you have to cut the fabric into two equal pieces. Cut them in rectangular shapes of 37.5cm x 25cm. Place them on each other and fold them in half so that you can create the smooth curves on the upper corners using scissors and shaper corners in the bottom of the rectangle. It will provide a perfect shape to your backpack.

2. Make the pockets:

Now you have to make the pockets of the backpack. To make the front pockets, take another suitable fibre of your choice. Cut it into the square. The area of the fibre to be cut is 25 x 25. Try to use a sturdy fibre. You can use any colour or material on it according to your choice.

Fold-out the top of the square twice and sew it in a straight stitch. That will hold the pocket. You can stitch it in two lines with different colours for decoration. Also, make the keys pocket for attaching inside the backpack.

When you fold the pocket in vertical half, cut its bottom corners in the slide to give it a classic shape of the pocket. Then stitch it with the matching thread.

3. Sew the sides of the backpack:

How to make backpacks out of old jeans

First, cut the strips of the backpack with your jean fabric. It will be 43cm x 9cm. Take the first two pieces and sew facing them the right to the wrong side of the material. Sew the strips to the long-short side. It will create a coloured block look.

You have to open the strips and topstitch the seam allowance to stop it from wearing out.

4. Attach the zipper:

The next step is to insert the zipper. Find the lengthwise midsection of the strip and cut it half down. Place the zipper and place the sewing needle on its sides. Sew the zipper’s one side. Place the other side close to the first one as close so that their teeth meet. Now sew the second side in the wrong side to the down so that two tones are produced.

Fold the jeans over the seam to topstitch the two sides of the zipper.

5. Attach the sides of the backpack:

In the next step, you have to take the right sides of the zipper. Sew them with the other pieces while topstitching the seam allowance.

6. Sewing the front sides’ pieces:

Take both front pieces on the right side. The line of the zipper should be in the middle. Now, pin up all around and sew carefully. Stitch the seam allowance with the side piece. You can use another coloured thread to change the look of the sewing pattern.

7. Make the loop for handle:

Take the same fabric used for making pockets. Cut it into two rectangles of 10 x 7. Now sew them along the shorter end. Now open it and sew them lengthwise together to get a long tube.

Now pull the tube inside out to get the right side of the line out.

Fold it in the middle and sew it to one side of the bag at the top.

8. Make backpack strap inserts:

Now you have to make strap inserts. Cut a square of fabric. Cut it in the centre of diagonally. Then place one of the webbings to the correct angle on it. Leave a small portion out of the opposite side. Now sew the webbing on the piece of fabric. Repeat the process for the second strap insert but use the underside of the material. After this, place both inserts slightly above the baseline of the back part.

9. Make webbing adjusters:

To make the webbing adjuster, cut the webbing 9cm long and melt it from one side slightly. It will avoid it from fraying. Now fit it to the adjusters and attach it to the straps. You can use the straps of any used handbag also.

To make a strap on your own, you have to make it the same way as the handle loop.

10. Doing the last touch before Sewing:

Place the straps on both sides of your handle loop and sew them up. Now place the keys pocket at the top of the backpack’s inner side and sew it down. Sew the inside of the bag all around in a zigzag fashion to avoid it from fraying. Now turn the backpack out and stitch the seam allowance where the straps come out. This step is done to support this area, as there is much pressure.

11. Make a front:

Cut a piece of leather square 4cm x 4cm and cut its corners into curves. Cut two slits diagonally on it very carefully. Place this piece on the centre of the front side at equal distance and pin it up. Now sew it on this side carefully.

12. Last step:

Join the straps to the webbing through the webbing adjusters. Fix them out and then sew so that they may not slip out your backpack filling the accessories in it. It is ready for your use.

Another method: Without Sewing

There is another method to make a backpack out of old jeans. If you have not any idea about Sewing, you can follow this method.

Required things:

  • An old jean
  • A pair of scissors
  • Fabric glue


  • Measure the waist to a suitable length and mark it. Then cut it off carefully now, cut the seams from the crotch area.
  • Next, join the seams with the fabric glue. You will end up with a skirt after straightening it out.
  • Trim off the excess portion of the fabric.
  • Now you fold the two ends upwards and then pull the lower part down. Apply the glue on it and fold the area to seal it.
  • Take the remaining portion of the jeans and cut rectangular strips out of them.
  • Place each end of strips on each end of both sides of the backpack. Place the glue and fix them out.
  • Now the handmade backpack of old jeans is ready for you. Use it and enjoy it.

Backpack for long walks:

There is not a single way. If you want to make a backpack out of old jeans by another method, follow the following steps.

Things needed:

  • A straight boot cut old jeans
  • A pair of scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Painter’s tape
  • Black edge ribbon


Cut out the lower parts of the jeans for making the base of your backpack.

Put the pieces keeping their seams one on another. Take a small part of the belt and cut out a piece of 5 inches. Fold this piece into a half and select the portion across the edge. Now cut the edge and sew it. Cut the 0.1 inches of the criss-cross.

Put the metal eyelet on the hole of the belt and ring on the other side. Hammer, it to secure the eyelet.

Make another strip having two eyelets and a bit longer. Take this strip and sew it on the bottom of jeans on the side stream.

Now take the small piece of the belt and make a buckle of the zipper. And stitch the zipper on the bottom edge of the jeans and leave the buckle outside. Place the zipper’s outer side on the inner side of the bottom of the jeans and sew it.

Now you will see the triangles on both sides of your zipper. You have to decorate these.

Make a square shape on the triangle lengthwise and cut the diagonal. Pull various threads from its corners. Make any pattern you want using the painter’s tape. Now colour the fabric using the fabric paint. Repeat the process and make the same design on the other triangle on the other side of the zipper.

Attach both details to your backpack. Sew the pieces with the thick white thread or any colour you like.

Take a black edge ribbon and cut out its strip of 4 inches. Put its ends inwards and make its loop. Now sew it down with the zipper stitching it with a black thread.

Stitch the two strips on each side of the zipper. Please take out the belt loop present on those old jeans and sew it down to the centre of your backpack. After doing this, fix the top and bottom of the circle.

Take two eyelet strips on the bottom of the jeans on the wrong side and pin them down. Now turn your backpack inside out.

Lay the backpack so that the eyelets place on the sides. Sew the stitches on the bottom. Place the backpack in the direction right side up and remove the pins.

Now, you have to make a handle of your backpack using a rope. I have chosen a white rope. You can take any other colour. As the rope is thicker, wrap a thread on its edge to enter quickly into the eyelet. Pass the rope through the eyelet in the right bottom of the backpack. Pull it till the end and then tie a knot. Now you have to pass the string to the eyelet on the right top.

Leave the suitable length of the handle piece and tie another knot on the rope’s front side. Take the rope and go through the ribbon loops, then through the belt loop. After that, move through the ribbon loop again. Before going through the left top of the eyelet, tie another knot. Then pass the rope through it.

At last, put it through the last eyelet, leaving the length of handles. Tie the knot and cut the extra rope.

Your backpack is ready.