This is a detailed guide to know how to carry a backpack on a bike and what problems occur while carrying and how to solve them. Will provide you a short but to-the-point solution.

Usually, we carry backpacks on our back riding to college and the workplace. People always don’t have cars and can travel by cabs.

Bags that you wear on your body such as laptop bags, backpacks, shoulder bags, messenger bags, cross body bags, etc. are the best bags to wear while biking because they will stay in place on your back while riding.

Nowadays, people have forgotten the joy of carrying a backpack over two wheels for carrying more stuff like laptops, groceries, etc. Earlier people use to enjoy the weather on a trip while riding.

While bicycle seems to make a human body healthy if you ride to work or school through it.

How to carry a backpack on a bike

There is no single best way to carry stuff on your bike because it all depends on how much stuff you are carrying and how far you will carry it.

The easiest way is to load your bag a less lightweight and carry on your back, strap it on and ride.

The golden rule to carry a backpack on a bike is pack less!

Think twice while selecting any item for keeping it inside your backpack and pack only those which you will need. This will help you give a better mileage on road.

You can attach saddle bags on the opposite sides of your bike to keep all the extra stuff. Saddle bags are the quickest to put on a bike, you just have to tie few flaps and few locks and you are ready to go for a ride.

Some basic tips to carry a backpack on a bike

  • Loosen your straps so that the weight gets lighter and it’s all on the bike.
  • If you have a lot of stuff, do not carry it on a bike. Carry lightweight.
  • Don’t go to a destination which will take longer than one hour, because your back will start aching.
  • Other types of bags like shoulder bags are mostly used by women should not be carried on a bike because it doesn’t work so well. A shoulder bag can slip down your arm and can fall damaging your stuff. Not only it will damage your stuff but also will throw your balance off and damage your bike as well as the bag.

Accessories you should own before going on a long trip on a bike

Accessories for the person riding:-

  1. Clear full-face helmet
  2. Full hand gloves
  3. Riding jacket
  4. Riding pants and boots
  5. First-aid kit

Accessories for the bike:-

  1. Always have high power lights on the bike to see clearly in the dark.

Get your bike serviced before going on a trip so that you are safe from any future occurrences.

Advantages of carrying a backpack on a bike:-

  • Do not have to pack too much.
  • You can reach your destination in less time.
  • Flexible

Disadvantages of carrying a backpack on a bike:-

  • Can be floppy if under-loaded
  • Lead to a sweaty back
  • You will feel uncomfortable if it’s overloaded.
  • You cannot carry your luxury items.
  • Can lead to back pains if carried for a long duration.

Qualities a backpack should have for riding purpose:-

There is a vast choice of backpacks when it comes to small, medium, or large packs. Many people go for hiking backpacks but there is a lot of variety in cycling and riding packs. So, choose your bag wisely.

  1. Waterproof:-Isn’t it’s obvious! Having a waterproof bag is the most important feature your pack should have when you are carrying it for a ride. It will protect your bag and inside stuff from rain.
  2. Quality:-If you will carry a low-quality pack then, there are chances of tearing in between the ride that can lead to damage of your inside stuff. Select a pack worth the price. Not too costly one but have a look at different bags and select the best one.
  3. Durability:-Yes! The bag you will choose should be long-lasting. Buying a bag and using it for just two or three trips is just a waste. So, select a bag that should last at least a year.
  4. TSA technology:-The anti-theft bag with safety for your essential stuff is a cool feature from the latest bags. Some bags come with a USB charging port which is very beneficial for trips.
  5. Comfortable backpack:-Padded back and straps should be an ideal choice you should make while selecting your bag because it will provide you comfort. While carrying the pack by yourself on your back, it’s necessary to have a back with a padded back and straps because carrying a load with no comfort can give you back, neck, and shoulder problems.
  6. Design:-Select a pack that has less weight and should be designed in a way that you can carry all your stuff and will not feel heavy.


Hopeful, you got the solution about how to carry a backpack on a bike. It just all depends on the person how much stuff he/she carries inside and how he/she organizes it.