Deciding what color to choose for anything is the most difficult part. Usually, backpacks of different brands provide a variety of colors and most people prefer taking a black backpack because it goes with every outfit and black packs never go off trend.

Choose a color that goes with 90% of the clothes that you own. Try new colors like red, green, yellow, maroon, etc. if you are from those with a more adventurous pallet.

How to choose the color of your backpack?

Usually, we purchase a backpack in concern of the activity, which means we choose it by where we want to take the backpack. For hiking, school, work, etc. Like if you are choosing it for the workplace then you should select a decent color and if it is for school you can go with funky colors and if for hiking trips then a dark color pack because while trekking you will attract dirt.

In detail:-

For hiking:-

Hiking trips require walking a lot and while walking you will feel tired and will stop many times, this can attract dirt to your backpack which can make your pack dirty. So, choose a dark color backpack for hiking purposes.

For school/college:-

Selecting attractive colors for school/college sounds cool. For school and college, you don’t have to worry so much about the color just choose your favorite color.

For workplace:-

Working people cannot choose funky colors like red, yellow, green, etc. because these color bags will look odd. So, always go for a decent color backpack for the workplace like black, silver, etc.

If you are purchasing a backpack for multipurpose use:-

Then a black color backpack will go with everything!

  • Survey:-According to a survey 72% of people in which males are more prefer a black color backpack over any other color. And most college and co-operate people choose a black color pack for regular use.
  • Black color pack never gets dirty:-By all the pollution and dirt outside bags gets dirty while a black color backpack doesn’t look that much dirty. A quick hand or machine wash will make your bag again new. So, why not choose a backpack that doesn’t get dirty.
  • Looks classy:-Black is evergreen! It goes with everything like if you want to go for a business meeting if you are going to college if you’re going on a short hiking trip etc. and the main thing it goes with every outfit.

While looking at the different features before purchasing a pack, looking for the color of the pack is also important because it outshines the look of the backpack.


What color backpack you should get depends on your choice i.e. what color you like. Yes! Do try different colors if you want or else go for a simple classy color pack.