It’s a very irritating situation for a person to sustain this backpack zipper stuck problem, as it may spoil your whole mood whether you are at your school, college, trip, or maybe camping. But don’t worry, after reading this article and our tips on how to get a backpack zipper unstuck, you will never get irritated in this situation.

Before understanding the tips, let us first see why the backpack zipper gets stuck? 

Why the backpack zipper gets stuck??

Zippers are the most delicate part of the backpack. As backpacks may have been made up of strong material, some of them lack their zipper. 

Some of the zippers may be stronger and reliable than others, but it depends on the backpack’s quality and the zipper itself.

Zippers are generally made up of series of interlocking teeth on the opposite side of the zipper tape. When the slider is pulled up or down, either it closes the chain or open it. Due to the fast pulling of the slider, hence result in a breakdown of the zipper.

But don’t worry, I will be sharing with you the tips on how to get a backpack zipper unstuck in right away.

Tips for unsticking a Stuck Backpack zipper: – 

There are several ways to unstick a stuck backpack zipper; I will be covering general and popular methods, and the lubricants needed to solve the problem will quickly be available at your home.

Find a little intense Pencil.


You may be thinking why this person is saying to take a pencil. The Pencil’s lead is made up of graphite, and it may reduce the friction between the zipper and the slider, hence resulting in fluent slider motion. 

You have to rub the Pencil’s lead on the zipper, not roughly that it may destroy the zipper.

 And after that, start moving the slider slowly; after that, check whether it’s working smoothly or not.

If you’re still getting trouble with your stick zipper, you can use other such lubricants that are present at your home.

 Let me enlist some of them for you: –

1. Lip Balm

2. Wax Candles

3. Petroleum Jelly

4. Crayons 

There are many such, but I have covered the one which is readily available at your home. 

So, apply these lubricants on your zipper and move the slider back and forth so that oils can get quickly be settling on the zipper.

Remember, if you apply liquid-like petroleum jelly or some type of oil on the zipper; use it with a cotton swab to avoid overturning.

Now, if you have applied the lubricants, the next step is to try moving the slider to settle the oil and to check whether the zipper is working or not.

 If the zipper starts working, that’s entirely well, but if it doesn’t work, so let’s go to the other step.

Try to fix the slider.

We have tried our ass off to unstick the stuck zipper, but we didn’t find the solution, so it may be the issue with the slider.

Try to press the slider’s back with some of the vital tools like pliers to resolve this issue. 

Remember not to press that tightly that it may result in a breakdown of the slider.

If you have a new slider at your home, you can use that instead.

Change the zipper

As we have tried using the Pencil, wax candles, crayons, petroleum jelly and tried to fix the slider. 

But the problem remains the same, as it is the issue with the zipper that doesn’t mean to change a good backpack, you can just visit a nearby Taylor shop and reverse the zipper, and it will cost less.

Precautions that should be taken: –

We all know that it’s a very irritating situation for us to sustain this zippers problem, so precautions may help you in this situation.

  1. Clean the bag regularly after time that might be once a month or once a week, depends on your usage.
  • Keep one of the lubricants with you in your backpack, such as Pencil, wax candle, petroleum jelly, etc., so that if the zipper gets stuck, you can use that lubricant to solve the issue.
  • If buying a new backpack, remember to check the zipper that should be of good quality.
  • Do not try to force your zipper tightly if it gets stuck again; instead, use the tips discussed in this article.

 5. Always open the zipper fully when putting your stuff inside the backpack, firstly it will affect the backpack’s fabric, and secondly, it will affect the zipper itself.

Conclusion: –

Getting zipper stuck in backpacks is not a fun situation to face, especially when you are in a hurry; if you take precautions, you may never get stuck in this situation. By chance, if you face it, you will get the solution quickly.

If you could not find a solution to getting a backpack zipper unstuck after reading this article, the recommendations would be better going to the nearby Taylor and tell him the issue because, at the end of the day, they are the specialist in this field.

Just be calm and face this issue with patience and just remember to use the tips discussed in this article, and you will never be asking for this problem again.