Taking dirty packs on vacation doesn’t sound cool? Right! And do you know the best part? Osprey backpacks are one of the most accessible packs to clean. And if the question is how to wash osprey bags, then it’s a straightforward method. You don’t have to worry, here is a detailed guide to know it.

Hand wash is the best suitable and safe technique to wash any backpack.

Osprey bags are known for their excellent quality, excellent organization and comfort.

A backpack is a significant investment for years, and taking care of it will make its life long-lasting; if not taken care your investment will go waste. Whether you are wearing a day pack or large pack, the sweat of your body or oil of your skin will definitely seep into the shoulder straps and hip belt, which will make them dirty. You will carry food that can be accidentally spilt on the pack on your trip, or the grease spots from cooking splatters can make stains on your pack. All this can attract dirt over time and can degrade the fabric. Zippers can get junked if not cleaned over time and will be challenging to use. There is n number of reasons to wash your bag.

So, wake up and let’s start knowing how to wash your Osprey backpack and make it look fresh and new every day. Here are some amazing tricks which will help you a lot while washing osprey bags.

But, taking consistent care of your pack will ensure your bag stays longer. Because bags do need care and love!

Cleaning products that should be used to wash backpacks

As per osprey recommends:-

  • Tech wash or a mild soap can be used with warm water for washing and cleaning your packs or luggage.
  • Clean sponge or washcloth.
  • A soft nylon-bristled brush or used brush will also work.
  • Tent and Gear Solar Proof can be used as a spray-on product to protect your pack from UV exposure and improve water repellency.
  • But do check your label directions before using any type of product on your pack.

How to wash your osprey backpack?

essential requirements:-Mild soap, soft brush and a soft sponge

step 1:-Take all your stuff out of the backpack. If your backpack has removable shoulder straps, belts, harness, remove all that before washing your pack. Unzip your backpack, turn it upside down and remove everything from your bag, even the dirt, crumbs, sand and lint, out of your pack. Vacuum your bag or clean dust it with a soft brush to remove all the dirt present inside.

Step 2:-Take a large bowl, fill some that can fit your pack, and start cleaning your backpack with warm water, a sponge and a soft brush, and mild soap; you can also wash the pack in a bathtub where you can easily wash your backpack.

  • If you want your pack to be safe, then do not machine wash it because it can be harmful to the structure and fabric of the pack.

Step 3:-Lets start cleaning the pack from inside.

Take a soft sponge and dip it inside warm water, only apply soap to something like gel or drink being spilt. And clean the rest of your inner compartment with a soft sponge and warm water. Make sure you scrub gently and clean all your inside compartments. Do it one by one.

Step 4:-Now let’s clean the exterior part.

In most cases, the outer pack is dirtier than the inner area because it’s exposed to more dust and dirt. So, in the outer area, you have to use mild soap. Add two or more drops of soap on a soft sponge and start scrubbing.

Focus more on the areas where the spots are; you don’t have to give hours to clean your bag. Target the dirty areas.

  • First, target the stained parts; they are easily visible. When you spot a stain, add two or more drops of soap to your sponge and start scrubbing and scrub till the stain disappears.
  • The whole pack also soft sponge areas like shoulder straps, back panel, hip belt and pockets.
  • Also, clean the zippers with a soft brush or toothbrush, scrub them until they are clean. Clean all the compartment zippers.
  • Do not scrub the whole pack because most packs have a protective coating that can quickly come off when you scrub them. Instead, focus on the parts that actually need cleaning. Don’t harsh scrub your pack, and be gentle with delicate areas.

Step 5:-Clean the buckles properly with warm water. Use warm water to push all the dirt and dust that might be stuck within them. Wash the buckles till you are satisfied with the look.

Step 6:-Drain all the dirty water out of the tub and refill with cool, clean water.

Step 7:-Rinse the pack thoroughly with cool water. Make sure to remove all the traces of soap in and outside of your pack.

Step 8:-Hang your pack outdoor or in a well-ventilated area where it can dry but do not expose it directly to sunlight. But do not dry your pack with a machine dryer; let it dry naturally.

  • Ventilation is the key here to prevent the backpack from being damp for too long.

Not every time you have to wash the backpack thoroughly, light washing it after every travel will make your pack fresh for every travel, and you don’t have to wash it regularly.

  • Regularly scrub washing your bag damage the fabric.

How to light clean your Osprey bag after every trip?

Here’s a perfect trick to keep your bag clean for your trips:-

Let’s quick clean it!

Step 1:-Shake your bag upside down to remove all the things from inside and take out all the stuff from your pockets and other compartments.

Step 2:-Take a clean sponge with a little bit of water and wipe the inner compartment with it; the interior does not require soap.

Step 3:-Take water and little soap and scrub the area with stains or spots on the exterior of the bag.

Step 4:-Use some clean, cool water on your sponge or a wet cloth to rinse off the soap.

Step 5:-Now, keep your bag indoors in the shade where you cannot directly get sun for drying, and after that, you can keep your basic stuff for your next trip.

  • Do this after every trip so that you are ready for your next trip, and by this method, you do not have to wash your whole bag with soap frequently that will protect your bag from damage.

Some tips you should keep in mind while washing your Osprey backpack

  • Use lukewarm and not hot water for washing your pack.
  • Use a soft sponge or brush sparingly so you don’t harm any protective coatings on the pack.
  • Never wash your backpack in the washing machine.
  • Do not dry your backpack in a dryer or dry it with a dying machine.
  • Hang your pack to dry in the shade or indoors, do not expose it to direct sun because UV light can degrade the fabric.
  • Backpack zippers need regular cleaning to remove dust, sand and other particles. Make sure to be careful and not to use a scrub; it can damage the zippers. Many zippers have water-resistant coatings, which can help clean the zippers with water but not too much. Just clean it with a wet cloth or wet sponge.
  • Apply zipper lubricant to the zippers, which helps stubborn zippers to move softly.
  • Read all the instructions given on the label carefully.


  • Do not use a washing machine on osprey backpacks. Even osprey recommends following the usual hand washing procedure that is mentioned above. So that your backpack lasts as long as you want it to.
  • The technique mentioned above works for every backpack and also all types of osprey packs.
  • Always light clean your pack regularly and wash it often to make your bag last longer.
  • To remove the foul smell of the backpack, you can use an elementary odour spray which you can purchase anywhere online.

Standard maintenance

  1. After every trip, make sure to clean your pack thoroughly.
  2. If your pack is wet, hang it to dry.
  3. Loosen all the straps when you have no use of the pack.
  4. Wash your pack if dirt, sweat, salts and stains have worked their way into fabric, webbing or mesh.
  5. Keep your pack in a clean place so that it doesn’t get dirty again.

How to clean a reservoir of backpack?

How to clean a reservoir of backpack

Let’s start:-

Step 1:-Fill your reservoir with warm water, do not use boiling water.

Step 2:-Add one cleaning tablet to the reservoir.

Step 3:-Let the tablet dissolve for 5 minutes with the reservoir laying on its back.

Step 4:-Shake the reservoir for 30 seconds to mix and spread the solution.

Step 5:-Pinch the bite valve and squeeze the reservoir to remove air and fill the reservoir hose and bite value with a solution.

Step 6:-Let the solution sit for 15 minutes, and then pour out.

Step 7:-Rinse reservoir and tube with clean water till it’s clean.

How to maintain reservoir standard?

  1. Rinsing your reservoir after every use will keep your reservoir fresh. Especially when using sugary juice mixes.
  2. Periodically use bright bottle tablets to clean your reservoir.
  3. Using iodine or other tablets are okay, but it will stain the reservoir.
  4. Do not pour hot boiling water into the reservoir.
  5. Freezing your reservoir is okay but be aware of water expanding when freezing, so don’t overfill.


A detailed guide about washing an osprey backpack will help you a lot, as given above. Do follow all the steps as mentioned and follow the rules accordingly.

Going on a vacation begins with taking the best care of your backpack’s. So, start washing your dirty packs and make them ready for your next trip.

Happy washing!