There are many ways to clean or wash a backpack, but as Herschel is a unique brand and their bags are too exceptional, there are some unique ways to wash them. So, don’t worry this article will help you with how to clean a Herschel backpack.

Herschel is a well-known brand for bags praised for their appearance with the best design and style.

It is not like a traditional backpack; it’s more like a Knapsack.

As Herschel supply company says, do not put your bag in the washing machine, use mild soap, and spot clean where the issue is.

Mostly these bags don’t get dirty because of the excellent quality, but if anything gets affected, wash the dust part with a mild soap.

  • A mild soap is a soap that does not cause harm or irritation to the skin; some washing brands are murphy oil soap, ultra-solution pine soap.


       Not in A Machine,

Do not wash your Herschel backpack in the machine; only use liquid soap to clean the affected area.

These backpacks are unique and are known for their beautiful manufacturing. And will stay elegant for years. 

They are aesthetic, so do not dull their elegance and beauty by washing them in the machine by walking with Herschel Bag’s worst. Only wash with hands on the dirt areas.

Steps to wash a Herschel backpack :-

First step: – 

Take your all things out.

Put the soap and water down, and let’s start the magic!

Firstly, take out all the crumbs and the dirt. If you are getting any trouble taking it out, make sure you handled the vacuum or something else.

Make sure to call within all pockets.

For the other dirt and dust, you can use soft brushes. If you are not able to dust off, you can lightly wet a rag while removing dust.

Cleaning off items within the bag before putting these back in keeping all the possession together, so you must not forget essential things when you are done.

Do clean the zipper; sometimes, because of the fabric stuck on the zipper, the zipper can get stuck. You can remove the loose fabric material or anything else close to zipper teeth or zipper with soft brushes. 

Second Step: – 

The appropriate way of washing Herschel Backpack. 

Herschel also stated that you must make use of mild soap. These soaps are usually required for washing dishes through the hand.

So, if you prefer organic label soaps, it would be acceptable to have them. 

Third Step: –

As we know, precaution is better than cure. So, do not use any brush on your elegant bag. You can wash it with a soft sponge.

Because brushes can damage your gear and will make your bag look dull, while sponges will gently remove all the dirt particles from your pocket and will make it clean like it was before.

Fourth Step: – 

Take your mild soap, pour some water on the bag, i.e., only on the dirty part, then apply mild soap on the path, and with your gentle hand, take the sponge rub it in a circular way on the bag.

After a little washing, pour water on the bag and look if there is any stain left on the pack or dirt present.

If it is there, it repeats the cycle.

Fifth Step: –

Now the bag is washed, so you have to keep it for drying.

You can dry the load by using a dryer also.

But I would instead recommend you to let it dry in the natural air.

Hang your bag outside where it is suitable for the load to dry.


  • Do not keep it outside if there are any rain chances.
  • Do not keep it out if it is a dusty place because the dirt will get attached to the bag, and all your hard work for cleaning the bag will go waste.
  • Do hang it properly so that it cannot fall.

You can also hang your bag indoors to let it dry.

Conclusion: – 

Lastly, I would like to say just following the steps discussed above in this article, you will never question cleaning a Herschel Backpack again. As precautions are too mentioned, that will help you save your backpack not to get spoiled.