Hikers use a backpack for hiking and camping. You can fit most of your things in your backpack, almost all the accessories in your backpack. You can also fit your skateboard in it. If you carry your skateboard to any place you want to go, there are many methods to carry it in a backpack rather than holding it in your hands. In this article, you would know “how to attach skateboard to your backpack?”

You can carry a skateboard by attaching it to a backpack anywhere you want. You can attach it either outside by clipping it to the backpack. If you attach the skateboard with your backpack, you should take some guidance from an experienced skater or the skate park owner.

6 Methods on how to put a skateboard on a backpack??

The main thing you should focus on is to buy a backpack of the best quality that will allow the attachment of skateboard easily. To hold the skateboard in your hands during all of your journeys will make it annoying. The easy way to carry it is to attach it with your backpack.

In the market, there are various designs of backpacks suitable for attaching different kinds of boards. The backpack which holds your skateboard easily is the best backpack for you.

1. Attach Skateboard to the back of your backpack

The easier way to fit your skateboard into your backpack is to attach it to its back. Every backpack has straps on its back.

Take your skateboard, and place it vertically on your backpack.

Open the straps on the back of the pack.

Fix the skateboard by using the strips around your skateboard.

The straps will hold the skateboard tightly to your backpack, and it will be safe throughout your whole journey.

2. Use the lanyard

The other method to attach the skateboard through a lanyard you get from anywhere. The lanyard is a small piece of rope. If your backpack does not have strips or have short straps, you can use this method to fix the skateboard with your backpack.

Loop the lanyard across the straps of your backpack.

Take one side of the skateboard and loop it under and over the truck area. Then tie the end of that lanyard to itself.

If you got two lanyards, attaching your skateboard to your backpack will become even more accessible.

Take your lanyards and loop across two of the straps on your backpack.

Hook both of your lanyards up with themselves.

Now set your skateboard horizontally.

Loop each of the lanyards through each wheel.

And you are done.

3. Using deck hook

You can also use a deck hook to clip your skateboard to your backpack. Choose the deck hook of high-quality material so that it can bear the weight of your skateboard.

If you get a little wall mount with it, attach it to the inner wall of your backpack.

Now hold a deck hook and bind its straps around the backpack straps. Fix it to attach.

Now take your skateboard and attach the side of the skateboard with the deck hook. The skateboard will be on the outer side of your backpack.

4. Attaching skateboards without strips

If your backpack is without strips and you do not have any other support, there is still an idea. You can attach your backpack without any straps or buckles.

  1. Remove your backpack from the shoulders. Place your skateboard horizontally on the portion of your backpack that is attached to your back.
  2. Put your skateboard in such a way that the wheels should face away from your backpack. When you correctly set the skateboard, the smooth bottom of the board will be attached to your back.
  3. Now move your board out through your shoulder straps. Do it in such a way that each set of wheels remain outside the straps. Otherwise, it may harm your back.
  4. Now put the backpack along with the skateboard on your back. Adjust the length of straps to increase comfort. The length of the board should be adjusted appropriately so that each side of the backpack will share an equal and balanced length.

5. Using cords to attach the skateboard

If your backpack has no suitable attachment point, grab a bungee cord from the market. It is much stronger and will keep the skateboard in its place.

Hold a few bungee cords.

Tie the cords on the opposite of your backpack

Loop the cords around your board’s wheels.

Now tie the cords across the skateboard after placing them vertically on the back of your backpack.

If you have a bit heavier skateboard to attach or your backpack is lighter, you can even use these methods. You can use specialized straps available on the internet.

Now, your skateboard is attached to your backpack firmly. This method is the most reliable method to secure the skateboard to backpack than others.

These strips and ropes are available in the market in a wide range. The available cords on the market are suitable for every kind of backpack and skateboard.

6. Placing skateboard in your backpack

If you are not satisfied by attaching your skateboard to your backpack outside, you can think of an alternative method. Try to buy a larger-volume backpack. The extra large-sized backpacks are also available in the market. You can buy one.

Clean your skateboard so that it may not create a mess for your clothes or other accessories.

Take the skateboard in the vertical direction.

Now place it in either corner of your backpack.

Zip-out your backpack. Your skateboard is now safe.


In this article, common methods are mentioned to attach the skateboard to your backpack without any difficulty. Skateboards are for fun. If you have a good choice of the backpack and the best way to attach it to your pack, you will be at ease during your journey.