Original JanSport backpacks are super robust and good quality, spacious, lightweight, water-resistant. This brand provides the best bags and satisfies its customers 100%.

To find whether the bag is fake or not, if you look inside the bag at the back of the zipper, there will be an SBS; if you don’t see it, then it’s a fake JanSport backpack. If you compare the fake and the genuine backpack, you will feel the difference through the fabric.

Every branded thing has a fake copy, and people usually get trapped by looking at that. These fake copies are sold for less price and are of a lousy quality which tears of easily and doesn’t last long for even six months. Some copies are sold at the same price as the brand but are not the branded ones.

How can you identify JanSport backpack is fake or real?

Here are some pictures by which you can clear your doubt.

The tag should look like this!

How can you identify JanSport backpack is fake or real?
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Inside the tag, there is a distributor company address.

How can you identify JanSport backpack is fake or real?
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SBS zipper main compartment and the chain have the logo of the company.

How can you identify JanSport backpack is fake or real?
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The front compartment looks like!

How can you identify JanSport backpack is fake or real?
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The bag!

How can you identify JanSport backpack is fake or rea
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The hologram logo shows the JanSport logo and the city name.

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If you move a bit, the hologram shows the VF logo instead of the JanSport.

How can you identify JanSport backpack is fake or real
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It has stitched tails at the end.

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How can you identify JanSport backpack is fake or real?

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An Average overall review of the Original JanSport Backpack

  1. There should be only one fabric hanging at one zip, not two zips.
  2. The stitching of the logo looks very pretty.
  3. The straps have a tail-like ending.

If you try wearing the pack, you will notice it has excellent back support, and the handles are good too. It can easily carry heavy stuff and are water-resistant to a certain extent.

Average Specifications

· Weight:-0.7 kg

· Capacity:-38 liter

· Style:- T19W

· Dimensions:-17.5″*13″*10″ / 43*33*25cm

· Material:-Denier Polyester


· Dedicated external cord storage pocket

· Two large main compartments

· Web haul handle

· Side water bottle pocket

· The removable 15″ laptop sleeve fits into a dedicated laptop compartment

· Fully padded panel

· Easy access external tablet pocket fit up to a 10″ tablet

· S-curve shoulder straps


Laptop sleeve:-Removable laptop sleeve and a safe place for keeping your laptop.

Water bottle holder:-keep yourself hydrated every day!

Capacity:-So much spacious to fit all your stuff.

Organized:-Designed in an organized way to keep all your things separately, and you do not have to search for your items.

JanSport backpack qualities

Spacious:-It has two large main compartments to keep all your essential stuff like laptop, books, clothes, etc., and there are mini pockets to keep all your small stuff. You can save a lot of your property inside; a 38-liter backpack can hold most of your stuff.

Comfortable:-A fully padded backpack, what else do you need? A super-soft form on shoulder straps and back panel provides comfort to you, and you will not face any back, shoulder, or neck problems. The backpack is lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly.

Design:-It’s designed in an organized way to place all your stuff accordingly, and you do not have to search your things inside your bag. It has eternal cord storage pockets, two main compartments, S-curve shoulder straps, fully padded back panel, web haul handle, side water bottle pocket.

It has a lifetime warranty.


Q1) how do you differentiate between a JanSport bag and a fake one?

Answer:-An authentic JanSport bag will always have the logo on the outside of the pack. A product tag and be made from leather or canvas. They will be sold only by an authorized dealer.

Q2) what is the price of the JanSport backpack?

Answer:-JanSport bags price vary a lot. But the average price of a JanSport backpack is about 20 dollars.

Q3) What is the difference between authentic and inspired JanSport?

Answer:-An authentic JanSport is an original item, while an inspired JanSport is an imitation of the same.

Q4) How can you know if the JanSport backpack is authentic by looking at the tag?

Answer:-JanSport is a prevalent and inexpensive brand that you should not worry about it being authentic. No one will ever bother making a knockoff.


JanSport bags are always the customer’s favorite choice and are an ancient and trustworthy company. Knowing the original JanSport pack is not that difficult; go through the guide, and you will get all your answers.