Suppose you are facing difficulty in attaching an additional bag to your rolling suitcase. So, here I’ll provide you information regarding how to tie a backpack to your rolling suitcase.

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The last-minute terminal changes mostly occur while traveling, and last-minute plans also make us keep an extra backpack with the luggage.

You cannot avoid the other factors, but we can handle less your stress by informing you about your packaging.

So. Here we go!

Whenever you have a backpack with your luggage, it becomes difficult to manage both things together because the luggage is already heavy. With an extra bag, it becomes difficult to carry. And carrying both together in hands is quite heavy and stressful.

Why attach a backpack to your rolling suitcase??

We should always attach a backpack to our rolling suitcase because it makes the luggage well presented, less bulky, easily manageable, and will not make you stop every time to carry it properly.

You can’t possibly carry everything in your rolling suitcase. There will be stuff – the small little things you might need while traveling and for that, you have to take a backpack (to keep the events)

You can also take a carrying backpack, but if that becomes too heavy to carry. So, I recommend you take a hand backpack tied with the rolling suitcase because you should not harm your shoulders!

If you are an often traveler, carrying a backpack on your back will give you shoulder problems, affecting your health.

Mostly adviser advice about using a second rolling backpack which will be carried by you with your hands.

So, carrying both bags with your hand will be a little uncomfortable.

Therefore, you need to learn how to attach a backpack to a rolling suitcase.

And, wheel backpacks are more comfortable traveling because it doesn’t require more energy to drag your suitcase. If you have an extra bag, it will help you carry both pieces together while regulating the wait and balances.

The usual/old method

If you are a traveler, you might be knowing about this technique because most people who we see at the airport and station do the same thing while traveling, attaching their backpack to the rolling suitcase in a typical old way, which is not the right way to do it.

But it is effective at some point by attaching both the backpack and rolling suitcase, but after some time, it gets imbalanced.

Then, your backpack’s whole weight will fall on the handle of your suitcase, and it will cause unnecessary problems like your arms will hurt due to extra weight, you will deal with excess weight, especially if you are traveling through by airports.

By thinking that you will cut off your expense by tying the backpack directly to the suitcase, it can give you shoulder pain, which will not be suitable for your health.

The best way to attach your backpack to a rolling suitcase is to balance the bag’s weight so that weight should be on the wheels rather than on the person carrying it.

How to attach the backpack to rolling suitcase??

There are two ways to attach the extra luggage one, where you can use specialized straps, or else you can make use of your suitcase handle; both will function properly.

If you have a sturdy rolling suitcase, you can make use of it by making all your other bags roll with it.

If you have only one additional bag, then you can use the suitcase handle. If you have more than one bag, you can use the other equipment for trying your extra luggage.

These are some ways by which we can attach the backpack to a rolling suitcase:-

Add-on Straps

There are various types of add-on straps to attach your backpack to your luggage. You can get their kinds of belts in different sizes, quality, and materials also. If you are carrying one extra bag with you, like your laptop bag or small backpack, then the nylon add-on strap will be useful, and if you have more than two extra bags with your luggage, you can use the leather—Add-on straps to maintain the grip and to hold it properly so that it cannot fall.

Let’s understand it step by step: –

  • First, prepare your main luggage that is your rolling suitcase

Make sure to use a good quality suitcase so that it does not become sober for the briefcase to handle any extra bag because if you will risk it, there is a possibility your luggage will fall off, and you have to invest in a new one.

Suitably prepare your suitcase so that the luggage can balance the weight of an extra bag. So, keep all the heavy stuff at the bottom and the light ones above that because the bottom part of your gear is closest to the ground, which will help maintain the extra bag’s balance.

Remember not to keep heavy stuff at the top because the extra bag will be attached over there.

  • Proper position

Set your rolling bag upright in the proper position and pull the handle out.

After that, only start attaching other bags one by one.

  • I am attaching the Add-on strap to the luggage.

The Add-on strap has two buckles at the corners, which will help you attach it properly to your rolling suitcase.

Open the rolling suitcase’s handle, tie the add-on strap’s opening to the handle, and fasten the belt.

Pull out the handle of your rolling suitcase.

There is a hook on the add-on strap; remember, while attaching the extra bags with add-ons to the rolling suitcase, the clip should face outwards.


Grip the hanging hook of your add-on straps and firstly hang the smaller bag with the rolling suitcase. Keep in mind; the hanging bag should hang in front of your rolling suitcase so that proper balance is maintained.

  • I am attaching a backpack with a luggage strap on your rolling suitcase.

For this, you need a high-quality, durable luggage strap. So that it keeps your bag from tumbling in between your travel journey and disturbs you.

These straps are highly recommendable because it is safe and tie all of your luggage correctly.

  • First things first, prepare your rolling suitcase.

Like I told you before, keep all your heavy stuff at the bottom of the suitcase so that it balances with the weight of the extra luggage.

Avoid making the top bulky so that you can attach your extra luggage with it.

Keep it upright and pull the handle out.

Now, Grasp the handle of your rolling suitcase and keep the second largest bag at the top of your rolling bag and hold it against the handle.

  • Its time to Place the Strap.

Position the strap at the bottom of your luggage and slightly pull upwards till you see the buckle of the belt. Then pull the strap up, remove both the ends of the luggage strap upwards and secure them over the backpack and the rolling suitcase. Tie them together and buckle it up.

Tight the luggage strap properly so that the luggage doesn’t fall off and ensure the luggage straps are strong enough to handle the heavyweight. Bit don’t pull it stiff because it can damage the inside stuff.

Using the handle of the rolling suitcase

how to attach backpack to rolling suitcase

If you are not a frequent traveler, then this is the best-suited way to tie your extra luggage and also because it is budget-friendly.

As we have mentioned previously, the way other people carry their backpacks to the luggage is the wrong way. By doing that, the people are placing more strain on themselves because of the extra weight. And the technique is quite old, which will make your bag fall off repeatedly.

This is because you are using the wrong way to attach it.

So, here’s the trick to do it.

Instead of keeping it at the top of your luggage and tying it to the handle, hang your backpack around the body of your suitcase and leave it hanging down in front.

It will give you privilege over the pull-out handle and help you carry your bag without worrying about its falling.

Also, the weight of your backpack will combine with your suitcase thoroughly.

Therefore, you can slide your bag without worrying about the extra weight or frequent falling off your backpack and enjoy your journey.

Some last-minute packing options!!

Some people don’t like to attach all the stuff by connecting it one by one. And we can understand securing your luggage every time you go on a trip is quite dull.

So, here we have some suggestions regarding this

Attachable Carry-Ons

Oh Yes! Many backpack companies have created backpacks with attachable carry-ons to meet customer needs. They provide you with an extra sleeve to carry on your excess luggage.

But! It will be useful only if you have a light weighted extra bag.

You can get their bags anywhere, not only from the branded companies but the local companies are also making it.

They are matching luggage sets.

I guess you might not have heard of it, but some bags already do have a matching attachable backpack with any other instrument or hanging it on your bag suitcase handle.

Many brands make these types of bags that look attractive and very comfortable for you to carry on your trips.

It makes traveling so comfy, like carrying all the weight on a single set of wheels.

Conclusion: –

So yes! Now you are free from all the embarrassing moments at the airport, right??

Now you can use all these various techniques to attach your backpack with a rolling suitcase. And you will not face any tiredness while traveling by carrying all the heavy weighted bags in your hand!

Last tip! Make a pre-plan before traveling to clear all the inconveniences.

Have a Great trip!!