You might be thinking, how you should attach your most essential stuff, i.e. your sleeping bag which will give you the comfort of sleep. People get confused about how to pack stuff and how much we can carry inside it. The essential thing is, there is a lot of space inside a backpack, but you should know the trick to pack it, the proper and right way to pack a bag.

You can use many ways by which you can attach a sleeping bag like you can pack it inside your backpack, use straps and loops, tie your sleeping bag to an external frame, and use buckles to attach.

Sleeping bags are one of the most extensive and essential items we need while trekking if you are a trek lover then definitely you should know how to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack. Not only you will get help from learning this but also you can tell your fellow passengers about it or can help them to attach theirs. Select a backpack with multi-function features like, should have straps on which you can attach the sleeping bag, a good quality backpack so that it can handle heavyweight; it should be waterproof to protect your bag from getting wet and also a big capacity backpack where you can fit the sleeping bag inside the backpack.

A sleeping bag should be attached outside or not?

Prefer packing your sleeping bag inside because of the moisture present the sleeping bag can get wet. There is enough space to pack your sleeping bag inside, and your backpack has an inner structure, you have to roll the sleeping bag tightly, pack it like a shopping bag and use it. Internal frames are lightweight and slim, which make enough space inside the bag. Most backpackers tie their sleeping bag outside the backpack by taking precautions like taking a waterproof dry sleeping bag or wrap your sleeping bag with plastic to avoid getting it wet. If you are packing your sleeping bag outside the backpack, make sure to keep it away from moisture.

At the bottom or top?

It mostly depends on where the straps and loops are but if you ask the preference then backpack experts advice to tie the sleeping bag at the top due to some primary reasons:-

  • After trekking or travelling for a long time, you will need rest and put your backpack down, and there are chances your backpack will get dirty regularly due to the dirt present on the ground. Sleeping bag covers are mostly made of thin nylon which wears out faster if came in contact with dirt and hard surfaces and will damage your sleeping bag.
  • Your bag can come in contact with bushes while trekking and scratch and tear your backpack, which can damage your sleeping bag, so tying it on the top will keep the sleeping bag away from the bushes.
  • If you carry heavy stuff inside your backpack, tying the sleeping bag on top will be the best comfortable position and avoid lower back pain.

It is enormous matters on your personal choice to keep the sleeping bag, depending on your comfort.

Ways to attach a sleeping bag to your backpack:-

Inside your backpack

How to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack?
Attaching the sleeping bag inside the backpack

To have a dry sleeping bag without moisture you have to pack the sleeping bag inside. Usually, backpackers tie their sleeping bag outside to keep more space for essential stuff but to protect your sleeping bag from dust, dirt, getting scratched by the brushes and getting it more damaged, you have to pack it inside. And what will be best then, opening your dry sleeping bag after a long trek and sleeping comfortably.

If you have an internal frame inside your backpack then what’s the problem roll the sleeping very tight and roll it compactly and put it inside. Just so, to protect your sleeping bag from moisture rap black garbage around it.

Some brands provide the advantage of internal frames which can help compress the sleeping bag more further, making space for your other stuff. Some bags have a separate room for a sleeping bag, but people keep their other stuff there and tie the sleeping bag outside. If you want to protect your sleeping bag and make it long-lasting, I will advise you to pack it inside.

Always keep the sleeping bag at the bottom if you keep it inside the backpack to maintain a proper grip.

Tying the sleeping bag to an external frame:-

For better support and proper structure to your backpack, most backpackers advise having an external frame than the internal frame.

Some backpacks have tie point used to attach sleeping bags, but no one mentions what these are used. Next to the tie points are straps which will protect your sleeping bag. External frames are a straightforward way to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack.

Do not let the sleeping bag hang to your backpack because it will cause imbalance while walking and you can fall and cause neck and backaches.

Confused whether your bag has an internal or external frame?

You can sense it by touch by the way they look. External frames have a square-shaped look, and you can put more and larger stuff inside the backpack. These have metal frames which are quite heavy, but nowadays it’s been replaced by a light material.

While internal frames are much more lightweight and have a lid on top, it makes more room for stuff and is very slim.

The frames don’t matter if you know how to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack.

Using straps and loops:-

How to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack?
Using Straps and loops

Mostly backpacks already have extra loops and straps to attach sleeping bags, but if not you can attach it yourself or buy a new one.

Backpacks usually have either loops or sack straps, the method is straightforward, with the loops on the back panel you have to get the straps through the loops and pull them up. People rarely use the straps, and half of them don’t even know what are these for, but it can tie your sleeping bag very efficiently.

By using the buckles:-

How to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack?
Using Buckles

If you have an old backpack that does not have to compress buckles on the back panel, this technique will be considered best suitable for you.

Buckles are present on the backpack’s sides by which you can tie your sleeping bag tightly, and it will attach to the backpack and secure in a way then the sleeping bag will not swing.

Tying the sleeping bag with buckles will make your bag not feel so heavy and will be balanced equally not to hurt your back and shoulders.

Attaching the sleeping bag to the internal frame using a lid:-

Most people buy backpacks with an internal frame but, if we fill the backpack till the top, it shapes like a cylinder and finding something inside the bag becomes difficult.

Most backpacks have a lid attaches to some strings that tighten everything up once the load has been filled. And the backpack will be all set and will not weight much.

You can easily attach the sleeping bag to those strings by placing the sleeping bag on the backpack and then tightening it up. Still, there will be some space left between the lid and the sleeping bag; this gap will not cause anything but is vulnerable to moisture. To prevent this cover the bag with a nylon cover to keep it safe.

Purpose of the loops on the backpack which no one knows!

Most people don’t even know what these loops work for, but if you know how amazing this feature some backpacks have you will be using the loops very efficiently.

From years people don’t know the benefits of the loops, here are some:-

  • Firstly, your sleeping bag is the essential thing you can easily attach to your backpack using the loops. Making it comfortable for you and will give relief to your back and shoulders by its lightweight.
  • Loops are used to roll your bag and keep them rolled.
  • Anything you don’t feel to keep it inside you can attach it outside with loops’ help.
  • If your backpack has side loops, then you can use it to hang for drying. Hanging a backpack while drying is a better option than laying because it will make backpack dry quickly and fast.

How to store a sleeping bag

Just like you store your quilt!

Points to remember:-

  • Not in a compact manner (way too much compression is terrible for your bag)
  • Find a humidity and temperature-controlled location
  • Place it inside a giant breathable sack.
  • First, let your sleeping bag dry and then store it.
  • Clean it before storing.
  • Please keep it in a closet like where you keep your clothes.
  • Do not store the sleeping bag in the basement.


Here we have listed some of the techniques for tying a sleeping bag to a backpack. There is n number of techniques to attach a sleeping bag to a backpack. Today’s modern time, we have brands that make backpacks very comfortable for travellers to use every function and feature.