10 Places to Visit in Texas

10. Marfa: Artistic Oasis in West Texas Minimalist art, desert landscapes, mystery.

9. Padre Island: Coastal Paradise Pristine beaches, wildlife, water activities.

8. Fredericksburg: Hill Country Gem Quaint town, wineries, German heritage.

7. Fort Worth: Cowboy Culture Stockyards, western heritage, rodeos.

6. Galveston: Island Escape Beaches, historic architecture, maritime history.

5. Big Bend National Park: Nature's Grandeur Stunning landscapes, outdoor adventures.

4. Dallas: Modern Arts Hub Art, shopping, and cultural scene.

3. Houston: Space City Wonders NASA, museums, diverse attractions

2. San Antonio: Historic Alamo City Rich history, vibrant riverwalk experience.

1. Austin: Capital City's Eclectic Charm Explore live music and culture