Backpacks are essential everywhere for like workplaces, trips, schools, colleges, etc. Majorly students need suitable feature backpacks to keep their laptops, textbooks, and essentials.

Not all backpacks are great! Choosing the best one to fulfill all our needs is the most challenging job. A pack that has a water-resistant feature is durable, comfortable, can protect your laptop and the other stuff, and is good looking versatile, and easy to wear in and out of campus. A JanSport digital student backpack is an ideal pack for every student. This backpack will last more than your college years.

If you look at its features, they are amazing. It has a removable laptop sleeve which can cost fir 15″ of laptop. The bag is 38 liter in capacity and is so spacious that it can not only fit your books, laptop, and some essentials, but you can also add a jacket, change of clothes, charger, etc., and it can also fit a 10″ tablet in the outer pocket.

Here is the detailed review of the JanSport digital student backpack, which will help you choose is this pack good for you or not.

JanSport Unisex-Adult Digital Student Backpack

JanSport Unisex-Adult Digital Student



  • Weight: 1.5 Pounds
  • Capacity: 38 Liters
  • Style: T19W
  • Dimensions: 17.5 * 13 * 10 inches
  • Material: Denier Polyester

About JanSport digital student backpack

JanSport backpacks have been serving us since 1967; it’s a classically designed bag built to protect and carry your everyday essentials.

It is a favorite backpack for students because it provides the perfect space for students to keep their basic stuff inside their packs. It has enough space for their laptop, textbooks, charger, mobile phones, change of clothes, and this bag has multiple pockets where you can keep pens, calculator keys, and all of your essential stuff and whatnot.

This pack is most-lovable because of its qualities like its durability, versatility, design, features, etc. It has removable sleeve access, which gives ease to more space. Made from sturdy polyester, which has the best quality, S-curve shoulder pads and padded back panel ensures comfort and ease to your shoulder and back. Its two large main compartments can hold a lot of your stuff and the multiple small pockets to keep the small stuff.


  • Dedicated external cord storage pocket
  • Two large main compartments
  • Web haul handle
  • Side water bottle pocket
  • The removable 15″ laptop sleeve fits into a dedicated laptop compartment
  • Fully padded panel
  • Easy access external tablet pocket fit up to a 10″tablet
  • S-curve shoulder straps


  • Laptop sleeve:-Removable laptop sleeve and a safe place for keeping your laptop.
  • Water bottle holder:-keep yourself hydrated every day!
  • Capacity:-So much spacious to fit all your stuff.
  • Organized:-Designed in an organized way to keep all your things separately, and you do not have to search for your items.

Product details

  • Spacious:-It has two large main compartments to keep all your essential stuff like laptop, books, clothes, etc., and there are mini pockets to keep all your small stuff. You can save a lot of your property inside; a 38-liter backpack can hold most of your stuff.
  • Comfortable:-A fully padded backpack, what else do you need? A super-soft form on shoulder straps and back panel provides comfort to you, and you will not face any back, shoulder, or neck problems. The backpack is lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly.
  • Design:-It’s designed in an organized way to place all your stuff accordingly, and you do not have to search your things inside your bag. It has eternal cord storage pockets, two main compartments, S-curve shoulder straps, fully padded back panel, web haul handle, side water bottle pocket.
  • It has a lifetime warranty.

JanSport Unisex Adult Digital Student Backpack

JanSport Unisex-Adult Digital Student

The Good

  • Enough storage
  • Variety of color and pattern options
  • Removable laptop sleeve
  • Outer pockets
  • Lightweight material
  • Padded straps and back panel
  • Worth the price!

The Bad

  • Zipper gets stubborn sometimes.
  • Not water-resistant
  • No reinforcement at the bottom
  • Warranty service is not good

Who can use this bag?

As its name says, it’s definitely for students! Students don’t only need their bags for academic purposes but also extracurricular activities. This backpack is an ideal choice for every student, and it fills all the requirements a student requires.

Not only for keeping books and a 15-inch laptop (with a removable sleeve), students can keep their extra stuff like a change of clothes, charger, tablet, lunch box, etc., because of its good storage capability.

Not just for school/college purposes, you can also use JanSport Digital Student Backpack for weekend trips. It has an impressive capacity for packing all your trip stuff. If you are not a student and want a backpack for short trips, this backpack will be a great choice.

It has a massive variety of colors and patterns. Fashionable designs make the bags look very cool on students. Younger students can also use this backpack; if they have so much stuff to carry, it can be a perfect pack for them.


Q1) Does this pack has a warranty?

Answer:-Yes, it has a lifetime warranty, but you have to send it to the manufacturer if any issue.

Q2) What is the difference besides price if ordered from amazon or JanSport’s actual website?

Answer:-I think it’s just a personal choice.

Q3) Is the laptop sleeve padded?

Answer:-Yes, it is. Not only the laptop sleeve, the shoulder straps and back panel are also padded.

Q4) Does the pack has rolling wheels?

Answer:-No it doesn’t.

Q5) Does the straps are S-curved?

Answer:-Yes, it is entirely comfortable and S-curved.

Q6) Is the bag waterproof?

Answer:-No, it is not; it’s a heavy canvas. It is less waterproof than some backpacks because the bottom is of the same fabric as the rest of the pack, not something more sturdy than the rest of the styles.

Q7) Is the storage good?

Answer:-Yes it’s fantastic, it can fit a lot of your stuff like textbooks, 15-inch laptop, changer of clothes, tablet, lunch box, charger, etc.

Q8) Does the digital student edition have a front pocket organizer?

Answer:-Yes, the outside zippered pockets has multiple pockets to put many things like pen, pencils, keys, phone, earbuds, etc. There is a small Velcro pocket outside, an attached keychain inside (where you see the JanSport logo).

Q9) Does it have a place for a laptop charger?

Answer:-The front pocket, under the visible flap, that pocket is big enough to hold a laptop charger.

Q10) JanSport bags can hold a 15.6″ laptop?

Answer:-Barely, I would recommend you to purchase a giant backpack than this. Pelican bags are excellent and worth the cost.

Q11) If anything is missing inside the bag?

Answer:-If anything is missing, you can directly get a return from the seller or exchange from amazon.

Q12) Is the back of the back solid or that perforated mesh fabric?

Answer:-It’s very solid and padded.

Q13) Do JanSport bags have wheels?

Answer:-Not, they don’t.

Q14) Do the packs come with a lunch bag?

Answer:-No, these are just laptop bags.

Q15) Does this pack break easily?

Answer:-Its quality is best and will stand firm for a long duration.

Q16) Is it a fabric backpack?

Answer:-Yes, it’s fabric but such a high-quality bag that you have the warranty card if any damage occurs, and JanSport will either repair it or send a new one for life.

Q17) Is the size suitable for a seven-year-old?

Answer:-No, it will be huge for a seven-year-old kid.

Q18) Would It be permissible for a carry-on bag while flying?

Answer:- Yes, you can carry this bag while flying.

Q19) Is the pack washable?

Answer:- I would recommend you hand-wash it because the packs are safe when washed with hands. But you can machine wash.

Q20) Is this authentic?

Answer:-Yes, it is. And zippers are of excellent quality.


Purchasing a good quality pack once or purchasing local bags many times, what will you choose?
Purchasing a bag is not only the investment of money but also your time. Select a classy pack that looks good on you and is very strong to hold much of your stuff.
Not only on school or college, but you can also use these packs on your short weekend trips, which will benefit you from purchasing another bag for a trip purpose.
JanSport is a student choice backpack and is best for their use, but also it can be used by work professionals.